Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Evening! Well they have switched me to an oral antibiotic and antiviral so I no longer have to get those through IV at the clinic. My electrolytes have been somewhat stable for the past few days so they are giving me two days off from the clinic (I do not have to go back until Sunday). The only thing they gave me today were platelets (although I didn't technically need them) to hold me over until Sunday.

Michael went to VA today to get a load of our furniture/stuff out of storage. It will be nice to switch out some the furniture in our apartment for our own stuff and to hang our pictures, etc. We're really trying to make this townhouse feel more like home.

We're still waiting to hear whether I got into the clinical trial that starts the second week of January. We're praying that I get in the trial and the treatment is able to affect the Leukemia.

Happy New Year,


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is your last posting for 2009 and I hope the new year will bring so much good news for you with it that your postings will all be those of thanksgiving and praise.
    We will be glad to hear the o.k. for the clinical trial and are praying so hard for it to be the "agent" to bring us our miracle. God has one for you, I just hope it comes very soon.
    Love you bunches,

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    Teagan translation: Just sitting at home on New Years Eve watching the Hokies play. (Don't tell my dad, but I am really a UVA fan just like my momma.) I had a great Christmas. I now have many new toys to help me learn my colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Well I better go, lots of rolling around on the floor and playing to do. I am a very busy girl. Love you lots.

  3. Amy,
    Hope this New Year's Eve finds you feeling better. Good to hear you get a break from the clinic. Glad Teagan took the time to write you. She is very busy getting into everything. She isn't crawling yet, but boy can she roll where she wants to go. We are just hanging out here at the house having a low key New Year's Eve. Just as happy watching our little cutie play with all her toys. Sorry we did not make it down with all the rest. Teagan is still coughing really bad and we have taken her to the doctor once. They just said it had to run its course. Maybe we will make it down within the next month. Give everyone my best. Have a very Happy New Year. We love you guys. Joleen and John

  4. WOOOOHOOOO!! It's always good to have days off. Wow.... you are such a strong young lady, Amy, and a wonderful model to my grandchildren who continue to include you in their prayers... as do soooooo many who love you. We are praying for that clinical trial for you.

    Celebrate this new year with that wonderful family of yours.
    Love and prayers,

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR, AMY AND MICHAEL!...AND PLANT A BIG HUG AND KISS ON YOUR FOLKS FOR ME....I SURE DO MISS THAT MAMA OF YOURS!We are sitting here in front of the fire, searching for something on tv to watch....since we are part of that select small group of odd people who don't watch sports on we're left with reruns and 60s shows like the Twilight Zone! I sympathy....Enjoy your evening and break from the clinic...That's a wonderful present to finish out the year! Love to you all...Lesa and Chesson gang

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Michael, Mom and Dad. We're praying the new year will start off with the good news of your being accepted into the clinical trial program. Happy to hear you also have a couple days to sleep in for a change. Take advantage of it. You have plenty of time, and help, to get things in the apartment arranged the way you want them. We hope Michael had a safe trip to VA to get the things you wanted.
    Love to all,
    Tommy and Patty

  7. We'll also be praying you get in this trial. Hope your own stuff makes the apartment more comfortable and enjoyable. It's always good to feel at home. This latest cold front has made home the place to be. The older I get, the more I dislike being cold. Know that you're thought of often and prayed for with every thought. Love you lots!

  8. Amy-

    Great report from your dad tonight,! raise the Lord! At the same time that we're praying that you will be accepted for the clinical trial, we are also praying for your comfort and a soon ending to the shingles and chicken pox!

    Keep up the great work! Thank You jesus!

    David & Candy