Monday, January 4, 2010

Hi Everyone,

We have some good news! I was accepted into the clinical trial. This is for a new drug that attacks a protein that is commonly connected to leukemia cells. From reading the information on the study it doesn't sound like it will completely wipe out my leukemia but it may reduce the percentage of leukemia of cells in my bone marrow so that another treatment may wipe them out or I can get a boost of donor cells. (I have not been told this, this is just my assumption from reading the info we were given). This drug has been found to work well with solid tumors so we are hopeful that it will work on a liquid tumor like I have. This is phase 1 study which means they are trying to find the best dose. Luckily I am in the second part of phase 1 and get the larger dose. I will get the drug once a week for 4 weeks and if I respond well to it with minimal side effects I can continue it in 4 week cycles.

I had a clinic visit today and received some platelets and do not have to go back until Thursday so I have another two days off! Physically, I'm feeling very well. The pain from the shingles has really gone away. I was on oxycontin for a few weeks for pain and I forgot to take it one day and had no pain so I stopped taking it and now I feel much "clearer". A lot of the last few weeks including Christmas is a "blur" to me. Mentally, I'm positive and happy but having a hard time with the big picture of things, so please pray for me in that respect.

This weekend we switched a lot of furniture to our furniture from our house in Indiana and brought down a lot of our stuff. The apartment is a complete mess because we're still unpacking boxes but it already feels so much more like home. Our house in Indiana will go on the market in mid-January and we hope it sells quickly (yet another thing to pray for).

Hope all is well with everyone and the new year (I can't believe it's 2010) is starting out well, love and thanks to all,



  1. Hooray! You were accepted...but why not? They want a success, and if ever there is a good candidate, it's you! I also enjoyed your dad's e-mail which credits himself for saving Tommy Garten's truck!?! So funny!!!! Glad you're feeling better and able to enjoy this frigid weather! Even the birds outside are all puffed up trying to stay warm....Take very good care of yourself, Michael, and your mama when you do have to to the clinic.....Don't attempt ice skating...In these parts, the lakes don't usually don't freeze solid enough for that...a puddle, maybe...but not the ponds and lakes!!!! Love you guys!............Lesa

  2. so glad you got in the trial, i just know it will be good. you are doing great, and we all will pray for this procedure to work. it was great to see you all this weekend, had a great visit. hopeto get down sooner this time, be strong and give mom a hug for us. we love you all, and please eat well so you don't look ambidextrous(lol) genie and eddie

  3. Boy, it's nice to realize answers to prayer, and you being accepted into the clinical trial is one. You show them, girl! Just praying for our miracle through this new trial, and God will get all of the glory. You are so brave, you make us so proud, and we are with you all the way. Tell mom and Michael hey for me, and hugs to you all.
    Love, Grandma

  4. Amy-

    Great news about your acceptance into the clinical trial! The program makes sense to us, especially since it is the Lord's will!

    God bless you.

    Our love in Christ,

    David & Candy

  5. Happy for you at this new "exciting" bit of medical science you're participating in. You'll be part of a new breakthrough! You're an amazing young woman! You always have been, it's just become more evident in the things you have been through and the way you've handled it all in the last year. I love you and keep you in my prayers. I close with today's scripture and quote from my desk calendar.

    Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35

    "Weave the unfailing fabric of God's Word through your heart and mind. It will hold strong, even if the rest of life unravels." Gigi Graham Tchividjan

  6. Good morning Amy and Great news-this is a blessing and we are pulling for you to do well! As you sure have in general-I am thrilled that the pain is lessened-Genie said you looked great-

    There is a picture of the new tall building in Dubai in the paper today! It does look amazing-just look at the pictures enough though-

    Love and big hugs to all-miss you folks!

  7. Amy, Congratulations on being accepted into the clinical trial. My sister was on a clinical trial for melanoma back in 1980's and it is now the standard treatment for it plus she is a cancer survivor. Stay positive!

    Saying prayers for you.
    Jackie Cheatha

  8. GOOD NEWS!!! Just those words sounded so good, Amy. Many prayers have been answered just in that last note from you.. You are better, you were accepted, pain is gone, nasty meds. are gone, you have days off again AND you are getting your "homey" feel there in NC. God is good!
    My love and hugs to you and your family.