Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi All! There isn't much to post about but thought I would say hi. This week has gone very well. I had clinic appointments on 4 days because of the required bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday. Hopefully they will get me on a better schedule so I won't need to go as often. However, they gave me platelets today and I do not have to go back until Tuesday. I will get my third treatment on Tuesday as well. There are 4 total treatments in a "cycle" so in a few more weeks we should know if this medication is having an effect or not.

Michael is leaving Friday the 29th for the Netherlands. He is going with several others from his lab to a physics institute to run some experiments on a very rare machine. They will also spend a few days in Amsterdam and Brussels sightseeing since they will be so close. He's really looking forward to it and I just wish I could go :(... someday! So pray for safe flights and train rides for him.

Much thanks, Amy


  1. My guess is that Michael will make sure you feel like you're right there through ongoing blogs/e-mails and pictures. The opportunity seems amazing so I'm glad that he's in the position to go and that you're ok with supporting him in this adventure!

  2. I hope Michael has a wonderful trip and I know that you will eventually get to go with him. He is just going to find out what all you should see! This may have been a busy clinic week for you, but you have done so well. I can't wait to hear how well this trial is doing on you. We are going to get our miracle!! Just think, you are among the first of those being treated for liquid tumors by this drug, and you are paving a way for others to be healed. Wonderful! See you in a week or so. Love you, Grandma

  3. Hey, we have a new grandson! Erin had Benjamin Hughes Clark Thursday evening and they came home Saturday evening. Both are doing well. He is precious! And his big sister Annie is very excited! (Grandma, too if you can't tell) Glad to hear your busy week went so well. We're praying for you every day. What an opportunity for Michael! And another example of just how wonderful you are to be so encouraging to your husband and his career with everything else you guys have been through in the last year. You're an amazing young woman Mrs. Amy and I love ya! Keep us "posted".

  4. dear amy,
    you keep up the good work girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!! and kathy darlin.....happy belated birthday to one of the great supermoms of all time!!!!!! from a planned relative that can't for the life of him keep up with everybodies birthdays.....but i have to's nice to have sooooooooo many relatives celebrating their 29th bithdays again this year just like me!!!!!!!!!!! and remember with valentines day coming up soon......

    don't kiss your honey
    if your nose is kinda runney
    you might think it's funny
    but it's not!!!!!!!

    love and kisses to all and hope to see yall real soon........ looking at having a family reunion this summer near my house unless yall would rather have it at duke????? think before you you really want all your crazy relatives around you medical staff????? most of us would never get release papers after such an event.....think of all the new medical journal entries after a weekend with billy carr, blair putnam, lassie??????yours truly????????????
    think it over and get back to me........

  5. Hey Pretty Lady,
    We've either been freezing or floating here lately. I just wanted to let you know that you continue to be in our prayers daily.

    Love and HUGS!

  6. Good luck with treatment #2! We're praying for you!