Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Snowy Saturday! We got snow in North Carolina! It's very funny how different the atmosphere is when it snows in North Carolina as opposed to snowing in Indiana. This amount of snow probably would not even close schools out there yet no one was out and about today down here and a lot of restaurants were even closed. Dad braved the storm to go out and give platelets this morning at the red cross center. They were very excited that he made an appointment and came because they had so many cancellations because of the snow. Keeping a full schedule of platelet donors is important because platelets cannot be frozen and only have a shelf life of 5 days! So if there is a day or two with no donors that's a big deal.

Speaking of platelets I received a bag of platelets on Friday at the clinic and that was all. All my other counts were acceptable to get me to Tuesday. So I have a few days off and then go Tuesday to have my fourth and final treatment of this cycle. We do not know how long there will be between the first and second "cycle" though, the protocol for the study is vaguely written so that the doctor can decide. So hopefully we will find out more soon. I also have another biopsy sometime this week.

Michael made it to the Netherlands at about 3 am this morning and "called" me on the computer. He said the flights were good and didn't seem too long because he watched two movies. I will have lots of company this week to keep me occupied. Dad is here now, grandma will come tomorrow or Monday depending on the weather, and Aunt Mary Beth flies in on Thursday so it should be a great week spending time with family.

Enjoy the snow (safely) and thanks for always being there!


  1. Amy,
    You're correct in that 5-7 inches of snow just about paralyzes us! Because we get so little annnual snowfall, we don't have the snow moving equipment to make the main roads passable.
    Your dad giving platelets is awesome. The process takes half the time it used to, which is great. Praying for you girl! David & Candy

  2. Happy Snow Day! You wanted a little snow, so I think you got your wish. I just hope the roads clear soon. We got 9" in CF and a lot more on the VA coast. Just so we don't get ice!
    It is awesome, your clinical trial is almost over and things look good. God is good and I think our miracle is coming. I'll be there for your last treatment and hopefully to hear more good news. I'm so anxious to get there.
    I love you!

  3. Still snowing here. At least the grandkids were able to play in this snow. (In December it was too deep for them to even walk and too icy to pack down for a sled path.) We've had a chilly good time today, and it certainly is beautiful! Glad to hear your good report - only one bag of platelets and a few days off. Also good to know Michael arrived safely. (Thank you, Lord!) I know you'll enjoy your visitors next week. We love you and keep you in our prayers.

  4. Hi Amy,
    You were talking about the snow....Ben said when they lived in Chesapeake that with flurries they would close down because no one knew how to drive in the snow down there. Yes the snow is beautiful but a little too cold for me :) I am thankful Michael made his trip safely and such a great experience for him and you get to spend some quality family time with Grandma :) Hope and pray this last round of treatment goes off without any problems and you get another good report from your biopsy this week. Lots of Love and Prayers...Keith,Kate,Maddi,Carson and what appears to be Alli :)

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  6. Hi Amy,
    Let's see if posting is now easy enough for
    Ed Gibson.

  7. if I can do this, anyone can, i'll give it a try. have a good day at clinic, good luck with last treatment!! genie

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