Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday Evening! It's been a long day. Mom and I left the apartment at about 9:45 this morning and got home at about 7:15. The bone marrow biopsy was not very painful at all today so that was good. They gave me both red blood cells and platelets. When they first took blood this morning my red blood cell count came back very, very low but I was not feeling tired and my blood oxygen level was very high so the nurses weren't sure about it so they redrew my blood. The second lab came back at a much higher number that seemed more correct for the way I was feeling. However, they had already ordered red blood cells so they gave me one unit. This should give me extra energy for the weekend!

I'll go to clinic on Monday to check my counts and see if I need any infusions and then I will go back on Tuesday to get my first dose of STA-9090, the trial drug. I'm glad we have a plan in place and I get to start treatment.

Last but not least I wanted to mention that January is National Blood Donor Month. I've received A LOT of red blood cells and platelets over the last year and all of it came from volunteers. I remember my grandmother always going to "the bloodmobile" when I was little and I always thought it was so boring and that she worried too much about fitting it into her schedule. Now I obviously appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to give blood. I put a link to the red cross website on the right side of the blog. If you go to that website you can enter your zip code and see if there are any blood drives near you. There is a blood drive at the First Christian Church on Fudge Street in Covington on Tuesday (1/12). Dad promised me he would go. I have no idea how these things work though (if you need an appointment, etc.). If anyone does know please post a comment letting us know. So if you have some free time Tuesday that is something to check into.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Friday evening to you, too! You sounded so good this evening, it was exciting talking to you. How well I remember the bloodmobile visits, I became a 12 galloner, that's 96 units! I always loved to go, it made me feel like I was helping someone, somewhere. There is no hassle to it, you just go when it suits you, and it usually takes about an hour. Everyone should try it, especially in honor of you. Used to be we could replace blood used, but they don't do that anymore, I think. Have a wonderful weekend. Many people are praying for the new trial treatment to go easy on you and to help bring us our miracle! Love you, Grandma

  2. Glad that you have the weekend off and can just enjoy the "cold" that is so unlike this area! Maybe it will give you and Michael a chance to finish up getting the apartment all decorated and feeling more like home...Frank and I are off to Roanoke to deliver a wooden "surround" for Chris's gas log fireplace that the previous owner had built but has it standing out a foot or two away from the wall all by its lonesome....Looks odd that way and not a real good use of the space, so Chris and Frank designed a side bookshelves/mantle piece to totally fit around the whole fireplace and then fit up close to the wall...Wish us luck...There will either be lots of smiles or lots of cussin'....or maybe both. Taking Tucker with us since after having put our other golden to sleep, he's acting lonely. We're hoping that going to another place and seeing Chris will cheer him up. If you hear about a 1-2 year old dog, preferably a golden or border collie mix, who's housetrained, female, and needing a home, let us know....I think we're ready. I'm checking the rescue centers around here but having to avoid the actual animal control centers since they won't let us have a trial evening or even a 2 hour visit at the house with a prospective pup......I need to see how the dog does with our cat and of course Tucker, in his own if you hear or see anything interesting on-line, let me know, ok? Talk to you soon....Love to you all.......Lesa

  3. Amy,

    What great news to know that you're feeling so good! Praise the Lord! I gave blood a few times and gave at our chuch once in hopes of being a match for a young member with Leukemia. His match came from Sweden and his health has been fantastic for 20+ years. Some 12 years after giving blood in our church drive, I received a call from a representative of the National Bone Marrow Association, who informed me that I was a perfect match for someone in need of a bone marrow transplant. After it was reconfirmed, I agreed to becoming a donor and it's an experience I will always treasure. I encourage anyone reading this to go give now, for the blessings can be overwhelming and life saving.

    Our prayer is that you will have a great week and that the clinical trial will be a big success.

    Our love in Christ,

    David & Candy

  4. Just show up and give blood. No invitations or reservations required!

  5. Hey there folks-

    Hope it has been a special weekend for all-and Happy Birthdays! I am glad you are feeling good and strong Amy and we are all with you this week-it will go well! Phyllis, you have done so many good things for so many-bless you!

    Stay strong and I will get the word out re the blood-
    Love to all!!!


  6. Praying for you as you begin this week and the treatment on Tuesday. Sending lots of hugs and warm thoughts on this very cold Sunday evening. Love you.
    Joshua 1:9

  7. Hey Amy it is so cold here ...have not been out at all...good to hear things are going well with you...hang in there as "u well r" and want you to know that again today someone asked about you....You r thought of in more ways than you can imagine....not sure what the temp is there but it has to be warmer!! give all our best to everyone....take care, luv ya, Wanda & Jerry ....) o, wanted to tell u that I am glad you all have your things there now...lot of hard work, but it will feel more like home!!! well it is home now....NC just sounds right!

  8. dear amy,

    so glad to hear about yall's christmas, and your clinicals beginning soon.....hopefully this will whup your health problems once and for all.....i don't know about everywhere, but in south carolina......platelet donations are needed much worse than whole blood donations... it takes quite a bit longer to donate but they let ya watch a movie and harass ya for most of the time you're laying there so it doesn't seem like that much is sooooo much better now that they have one arm used to take several hours with a needle in each arm...soooooo if you had to scratch or wipe your snoz after would call out..... susan darlin, would you mind using those long nails of yours and..... maybe that's why she harasses me all the time now..... if your center does not have one armed machines ask them if they have a really good natured, fun loving gal named susan working in the back.....take it from somebody that has spent several months of their life in a donation for the bad news.
    your christmas goodies were returned to me because of something i did and failed to tell the postal inspectors your inquisitive nature working overtime yet???????? one of your presents was to be a 16 inch guitar playing, singing, dancing hokie bird.....he played felize navidad...a classic gift fer sure....our cats loved singing with him..... except they sang to uncle fred.....fleas on my dog!!!!!! he didn't think it was nearly as cute as they did as he scratched and scratched.....cuzzin lassie can tell ya all about such matters if ya need more info..... it seems the postal workers in north carolina got concerned when they heard a mexican singing hokie in their post office.....they informed immigration and it got blown all out of hand...
    so this week i'll send ya some other gifts minus the hokie...but don't fret.....i'll hand deliver it sometime soon....promise!!!!!
    gotta run....will chat more real ya mean it yoprclisc

  9. Hello Amy! We are so glad things are going so well. We think of you all the time and you are always in our prayers. May this trial be the answer for you. Elizabeth is doing good also. We have a busy week with scans and a trip to Philly. We hope your week goes great! Much love and hope, Kathy, Elizabeth and family
    p.s. I just gave blood before Christmas (23rd), so I have a few more weeks to go before i can do it again!

  10. Hi Amy,
    Glad to hear things are going well! The headquarters for American Red Cross is located a few blocks from my office. I am going to go check it out hopefully in the next week or so. I should just be able to walk in.... I don't know if this link works but here is a pic!

  11. Hi Amy,
    Heard you had a great weekend! I know you were really looking forward to your visitors arriving. So glad to hear you were feeling so well. We need lots more of that! Am very happy all went well at the clinic yesterday and that everything is underway today. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be always. I love you, Aunt Robbie

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