Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas !!

We hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. We had a great Christmas day and with Bucky, Phyllis W., Roberta, David, Matthew, Bonnie, James, and Robbie coming down to visit today - it has been another great day. Of course, so soon after the last chemo treatment Amy's energy level is still low and we have taken Christmas slower, opened gifts at different times and rested in between. Amy still had clinic visits everyday but we were fortunate to get out of the clinic yesterday and today by 1 p.m..

Yes, for all those asking.... Michael did find and cook a goose. Greg, Phyllis V., Amy and Michael all liked the goose. No, I did not try the goose.... the stuffing, baby carrots, zucchini and rolls were enough dinner for me. The entire Christmas dinner was excellent and we will always remember the Christmas Michael cooked a goose. (I think lamb is on the menu for next year)

We are very thankful for all of our family and friends. We thank you for all the prayers being said for Amy. Michael and Amy will meet with Dr. Rizzier Monday. Please continue to pray for Amy and her doctors. The number of Christmas cards, emails, phone calls, visits, and prayers amaze us and are more comfort and support to us than we can put into words.

Happy New Year and Love to all,


  1. Dear Amy,
    I have been saying a prayer for you each day. I have thought of you and your family many times. May 2010 be a year of blessings for you and your family.

    Jackie Cheatham
    Rock Hill, SC

  2. sounds like you all had a very busy christmas! michael did a great job on dinner.
    good luck tomorrow with doctors, all praying for their guidance,ideas. hope to see you soon, hope today is not too long at clinic, rest up after all the activity. love to all,
    genie and eddie

  3. yall have some more presents to open.......i thought i would be able to stop in over christmas and hand deliver them to yall but someone in our party came down with cold like symptoms so we shall mail them instead....(why take the chance????)look for them come weeks end......glad to hear yall had a big time....hope everything goes well next and kisses, your planned relatives in south carolina

    ps.....happy hannakuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Glad ya'll had a good Christmas in Durham, goose and all. We had a wonderful day too. Our kids and grandkids were here for breakfast, the Christmas story, prayer (lifting you guys up) and then presents, and lots of hugs and kisses. We had a crowd like you did. Great blessings! God is good! Getting ready now to attend the contata and children's recitations that were postponed by last week's snow. We will be closely monitoring the blog to see what's next. We're praying and sending love your way.

  5. I'm so glad your Christmas was wonderful.
    I see where Kathy did not eat any of the goose. Why am I not surprised. Good Luck tomorrow at the doctor. We will be thinking about you guys and praying for you.
    Love ya

  6. Good morning! I hope you are feeling much better and that this will be a good day for you and Michael, and the rest of us. I have asked God to give Dr. Rizzieri wisdom as he presents a new plan of treatment for you, and to bless you both as you make decisions. God is not through with you yet, you have so much to offer, you can and WILL make a difference. I love you..Grandma