Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy four days before Christmas!

Well, I was released from the hospital yesterday and I actually feel pretty good except for those mouth sores. They really interfere with things I would like to eat around this time of year. They aren't nearly as bad as they were during the transplant but just 6-7 spots that are causing pain. I still have not had any nausea and my counts are dropping as we expected of them. The telltale sign will be the results of the bone marrow biopsy (which I just had). These results can take up to a week and will take more than a week due to Christmas.

For now I'm coming to the clinic everyday (even Friday) to receive an antibiotic through IV plus have blood work and get any other blood products I may need.

We really don't know what the next steps are after this, but we know God will lead the way.

Have a Blessed Holiday Week!


  1. Happy four day to Christmas to all of you-ever since Kathy told me Michael wants to cook a goose I worry that he is out in the cold woods trying to find one-if that is where gooses even are-I vote for a turkey-

    So glad you are home!!!and that the nausea has not been a problem-that stuff is awful-hope the sores improve and lots of prayers for the biopsy coming from Sweet Home Alabama-

    Hope the clinic is kind of quiet this week-love and miss you all-if Michael does cook a goose I expect a picture

    Mayfiled is doing better-off the pain meds as he was hallucinating he said-so he is making good progress-and I have no desire to have a second career in nursing-

    LOve and hugs to all-

  2. Hooray! You're back home! And what's this about Michael cooking a goose? Will we see him one day on Top Chef for Bravo? Cool that he knows how to cook, though, seriously....Chris and Frank both absolutely love cooking...Me, after cooking the same ole/same ole, I'm more than happy to let someone else take up the ladle and spatula! Wishing you all the very best Christmas ever....Here's hoping that 2010 will be a wonderful change from the 12 months you've just experienced! I just hope Santa gives you something 'specially wonderful this year! Love to all....Lesa,Frank,Chris and Lauren

  3. sounds great... yall have some free time on your hands this week.......and i've got several feet of snow left on my walk... sooooooooooooo should we expect ya around 7-ish??????? uncle fred has cold beer and bologna in his fridge and he don't mind sharin.......just stay off his electric blanket.....that, he is kinda funny about.....
    xoxoxox always,

    feel free to bring blair if you must!!!!!!

  4. So glad you are home...sorry ya'll didn't have any snow, it was beautiful!!! (til we had to go out in it this morning to go to work...then I wasn't liking it so much!!!) Have a great week and know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers. We love ya'll lots...
    Karen, Tim & Hollee

  5. Hello there beautiful!

    Well. I think I've done enough shoveling to last me for a while (sorry David - I will not be coming to help.. I'm pooped!). Dad had to come help me and my roommate out of CVille today - they had yet to plow our roads and we basically had to scrape the entire street to get out. What a mess! I love snow, but this was a bit extreme.

    Glad that you are out of the hospital - hopefully you'll continue to feel well over the holidays! Hopefully we'll be down to see you soon! Let me know if you need anything - I have no plans so I can always drive it down ;)

    Take care of you. I love you! Kiss your mom for me! (and Michael too!) :)


  6. Well, I have never eaten goose, but I'm game to try it. I am sure it will be good if Chef Dave cooks it, he can compare to Emeril. Me, I'm just plain country cooking, don't try many new things.
    Your day sounded a little disturbing, until Therese came to your rescue. You always liked her to do the BMB, so I'm sorry someone else tried first. Anyway, we're soaking you with prayer for a good report.
    I'm excited about coming to Durham, Christmas will be better there with all of you.
    Love you lots,

  7. So glad you're out for Christmas! If you do have goose, tradition may require figgy pudding to go with it. Let us know about this menu. Maybe you'll have a few white snowflakes to go with it. We may get some frozen precipitation of some kind again this weekend. Stay strong. Love ya! And we're praying.

  8. Hey Pretty Lady,
    It's getting closer to Christams, and you are home with a goose being cooked. Glad it's not mine :) I kept Maddi and Carson today, and he (who calls himself "SNAKE" ) only opened one of his presents before I could stop him. Calvin and I made sugar cookies last night, and he had flour all over his face.
    All of us keep you in our prayers. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. We can bring you some of this 22+ inches of snow if you would like some :)
    Love and hugs to you and your family,

  9. Hi Amy!
    So glad to hear that you're recuperating from the chicken pox and that you've handled the chemo so well. I, too, would have been more than happy to donate a sizable portion of my lipids...just keep it in mind! God bless you and your family during this holiday season. Positive thoughts and healing prayers continue to be headed your way!
    Jennifer Unroe

  10. Merry Christmas, Amy & Michael!
    God's Blessings!

  11. dear amy and family,

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    love to you and yours.....yoprclisc

    ps.....i did find lassies scooby snacks...extra cheeze!!!!!