Sunday, December 13, 2009


The past few days have been eventful. Amy's fevers continue to cycle - chills, shaking, fever rises, fever breaks, good for awhile, chills, shaking..etc.. The Demerol helps the shaking and Tylenol helps the fevers some. Yesterday Amy had 2 doctors from Infectious Control stop by to look at her bumps/rash. They took a biopsy of one bump and feel it may be Chicken Pox or an extension of the Shingles virus (they should have results of biopsy back in the next few days to be sure). They have changed some of Amy's medications and have her on some very powerful antibiotics, anti-viral and anti-fungal medicines. Also yesterday, they did a CT Scan of Amy's lungs and found a few "nodules" at the top - which may be related to shingles/chicken pox virus. Amy was able to receive her last chemo treatment yesterday and still has no nausea. We have no idea at this time when Amy may be released.

Today, when the doctors made rounds, they decided to move Amy to a new room. We are now in 9201- which is the "isolation room". This basically means Amy cannot leave the room and we have to dress in yellow gowns, gloves, and masks and go through two doors to get into the room. Not being able to leave the room makes it difficult for Amy to get her walking in, but we understand they do not want her virus to spread to others on the hall. Actually, I am very happy with the move. The room is larger, it has a couch (so sleeping will be much more comfortable), and its at the end of the hall where it is very quiet.

Thank you to all who have sent emails and cards. We continue to be amazed with the support and love shown to us. Love to all.

Happy Holidays.. Kathy


  1. Hello Amy,
    I'm glad you are comfortable in the new room, even if you already had the other one decorated!
    You will be the decoration in the new room, you brighten up any room.
    We would like to have had you all at our dinner and candle light service tonight, it was so beautiful. But, you were not forgotten, every-one sends you love and prayers.
    Hope tomorrow is the beginning of better days.
    I love you,

  2. Amy & Michael & Kathy,
    I am praying very hard for you all! Today, in Sunday School, we read the passage where the angel Gabriel said to Mary: "Nothing is impossible with God." (Luke 1: 37) I pray that these words will touch your hearts with hope!
    God's blessings upon you!

  3. Amy,
    Glad all the guys and gals got home safely from the move back from IN. Sorry to hear that you are now dealing with chicken pox but if anyone can handle just 'one more thing' it is you :) You should have seen my 2 babies in the childrens' christmas play at church last night. Maddi the beautiful snowflake and Carson the bright star. Of course Carson had to hollar from the stage, "Hey Mama,do ya see the star,see it see it?" That boy is so rotten you can almost smell him :) Well hope you get out of the hospital soon but right now it seems you are where you need to be. Lots of love and prayers, Keith, Kate,Maddi,Carson and ???

  4. hope the "pox" eases, dries up soon. at least mom has a "bed" now, hope her snoring doesnt wake you(just kidding Kathy). Don't move around too much, or Santa will have trouble finding you. Hope to see you soon. Love ya, Genie and Eddie

  5. Do you get to decorate your new larger room? We could send you some boxes of decorations, but I bet your Dad and Michael have seen enough boxes for a while. (Glad the move is done for all of you.) I didn't realize that Grandma was in Florida the same time we were. The weather was great, but it's so good to be home. Praying the the pox will soon be gone and the nausea will stay away. You are daily in our thoughts and prayers. Sending love your way...

  6. You're a trooper... I just thought I should let you know incase you had forgotten. :)

    I hope the pox go away soon and that you're feeling better in no time. I love you Amy. Hopefully I can come to see you soon.. hang in there.

    Give air kisses to your mom for me! I love you guys!


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  8. Hey Amy, what's up with the chicken pox...of all things!?!?!?!?...this would have been my last thought. I had to re-read to make sure of what I was reading. Glad you are a southern resident now! The South needs good people and you will make the "south proud"... Jerry and I are sending up "balloons" every single day for you and your family..Hey we are supposed to get snow by Saturday, if you want I will try and send some your way!..stay strong, luv ya, Wanda & Jerry..:)