Monday, December 7, 2009

So I am settled in at the hospital. Everyone is very festive here. I brought some snowflakes to put on my hallway windows but that is mild. One room's door is decorated as Rockefeller center complete with the GE building, the tree, and the statue that is by the skating rink. It reminds me that I haven't been to New York in quite a while... maybe next year.

I had my PICC line "installed" today. My arm is a little sore but this is going to be nice. I'm glad I get to avoid all the pain I usually have when they insert a Hickman. The random selection of the clinical trial put me in the experimental part of the trial. Therefore, I will get two chemotherapy drugs delivered within lipids. I think the doctors are excited about this because they get to be a part of something a little new. The chemo will start at about 10:00 tomorrow. My shingles are clearing up but the pain is a little worse but should be gone soon.

Well I'm going to go let my arm rest, love and thanks to all, Amy


  1. We are glad to hear how festive the floor is. Hope your room has some holiday spirit! Glad you got selected for the trial, really sounds very promising. We know you are in good hands, hope the arm and shingles both get better also. tell mom and michael hi, and good luck with everything this busy, busy week.Rest well, talk to you soon. Love, Genie and Eddie

  2. Christmas decorations are wonderful spirit lifters. Glad to hear the floor you're on is so cheerful. Praying for the shingles to be completely gone as your treatment takes place this week. Love, prayers, and hugs sent your way. (Thanks for keeping us up to date on the blog. We really do want to know how you are and what's happening.)

  3. OHHHHHH..Christmas decorations are exciting!! I KNOW. My third graders are excitable on any normal day BUT they are totally bonkers right now... Not to mention their teacher :)
    With all your medical knowledge now, I'm expecting anyday for you to sign your blog..
    Dr. Amy :)
    You and Michael are getting more friends in the Charlotte area. Ben and Mary are moving there. Ben started his teaching job today, and Mary will be joining him sometime in January.
    Many prayers and hugs and lots of love coming your way and for your "movers" this weekend. :)
    Love to you , Pretty Lady...

  4. As you start this chemo today, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. It is so nice to know that the hospital is in the spirit! It is finally looking like Christmas around our house as well. Like Sherry said, we love to hear from you any chance you are able to update. You should consider Twitter. :) Lots of love to you!
    Lee Anne

  5. Amy,
    Well let me start off by saying my mama doesn't need crazy little 3rd graders to make her crazy....she already is :) Nan's girls do call her "crazy lady" Anyway, we pray that this round at the hospital will be better than previous ones and sounds good that you only have to stay about a week if all goes well YEAH!!! We love you and you are always close!! Love and Lots of prayers..Keith, Kate, Maddi, Carson and ??? :)

  6. Good morning Amy-I am glad the ward is festive-I am also happy for the new trial-go lipids!!!! I am happy that you folks are getting the move accomplished-

    Lots of thoughts and prayers from AL-we have you covered here-I am writing Coach Saban about you-you are a fighter just like they are

    Love to all-


  7. Been thinking about you and Kathy all day....I'm assuming that she is there with you during the days and then Michael comes over in the evenings after work....Even little Kernersville is looking festive this year. They strung small white lights in the trees lining Main Street with one along the strand that is red...and they all blink randomly...not in an annoying way but more like a twinkle! We only have a wreath and my huge Santa cut with a chainsaw on my porch...."You know you're a redneck"when you have a chainsaw figurine on your front porch...right? But I do love him, and let's just say that it gives the place a primitive statement! Hope this week flies by quickly, and you're back at "home" quickly....and that this round of chemo is less painful and uncomfortable...Love to you all....