Monday, December 28, 2009

Well we had a clinic visit today just like every other day. I got my usual IV antibiotics and anti-fungal medications as well as a bag of platelets. While we were there we talked to Dr. Rizzieri about what the next step in my treatment should be. He's very doubtful that any regular chemotherapy will put me in remission so different things need to be tried. For this reason, he is trying to get me in a clinical trial where a drug is used that targets something common in the Leukemia cells. This isn't "normal" chemotherapy but another way to attack the cancerous cells in my bone marrow. Of course it is much more complicated than this but this is my simple understanding. If I am accepted into this trial I would have one *outpatient* treatment per week for six weeks. These treatments would start the second week of January.

As mom said the other day, we had a great Christmas. I was worn out very easily but it was still very enjoyable. Hope all of your Christmas celebrations were as good as ours,



  1. Happy to hear that you have a new and in some ways, an exciting plan since it sounds like maybe the side effects might not be as harsh as before....and your confidence in your doctor speaks volumes to your success this go'round. I can sure appreciate the interest in decorating your place with your own stuff and making it officially your new least for this year. Does not surprise me about the price gap in housing. It's not that different here..Seems like the more affordable, starter homes are the ones selling and it's the larger homes that are up for rent and much more than a normal mortgage....I liked your place..Don't know anything about the area or if it's convenient to things but the subdivision is handsome, and the apartment very comfortable...Hope to get over that way to see you guys soon..just as soon as I know that we are healthy and you can manage company again....Lesa

  2. Hey,
    It's so exciting that you will be trying another clinical trial, and hopefully this is the one that will work on those cancer cells. You and Michael both are so strong, and I am so proud of you for hanging in there. I hope your New Year will be happy and that you will feel much better than the past few days. God bless you both. I love you..Grandma

  3. Glad you're feeling better again. Thanks for giving us the "simple" explanation. It sure helps me. :) Sounds like your good doctor has a new plan ready and we're already praying for its success. Be sure to tell him that he is being prayed for, too. Hey to Mom and Michael. Love you all!

  4. Amy-

    Your prayer warriors are busy doing their thig, so go get 'em girl!

    Our love in Christ,

    David & Candy

  5. Good morning!
    So glad to hear about the clinical trial-we are so thanlful for Duke and your docs-most important I am glad you have a few weeks to get stronger and feel better-you are amazing Amy-all of you are so strong and good!

    Glad your belongings are on the way-

    Love and miss you all-

  6. Hope all goes well to get into the new treatment. You really are at the best place for moving quickly to the best treatment.

    Prayers and good thoughts in Covington for you in the New Year!

  7. Hey Pretty Lady,
    I'm glad you will be able to take it easy for a week or so. I, too, thank you for your "simple" explanation. Remember my mind is stuck in elementary school :)
    My house was quiet today for the first time in about 10 days. If you ever need some excitement, you know where to come, and you have an open invitation :)
    I saw where Kate told you all about our pew shaking. It was waaaay too funny, Michael. We definitely would have made you proud.
    Prayers continue flowing for you, your family and your medical care-givers... prayers of thanksgiving as well as requests.
    Love and hugs to you all,

  8. Hi Amy,
    I hope you had a relaxing Christmas and that Michaels meal turned out fabulous! Hopefully it is warmer there than here.. This winter is CRAZZY already....

    I FINALLY got a computer so I can write to you more often on here (your blog is blocked at my work, almost every site though is blocked).

    That is great that you will be trying some new treatments..keep us posted on them. You are so strong and I know one of them will work.

    Tell your mom and dad hello as well. Miss you guys bunches and bunches. Trying to work a trip out with mom and Blair down to see you so mom will keep your mom posted.

    The book you all gave us for Christmas was AMAZING.. It was the best present and can't thank you all enough.. I can't believe you had all those pictures (and that mom let me out of the house with some of those haircuts!!!)

    Love you tons and think about you every day. XOXO

  9. Happy Holidays to you and all the rest...Just got on here to check on you and when I found out you all had GOOSE 4 dinner, I am with your thank you!...We are home alone at the moment...with traveling and family here and there and are still arriving it has been a little hectic and tiring, but GREAT!...Want you to know that you have been in our thoughts and prayers and good to know that you now have a plan...So 6 wks will be over before you know it....hope too that you guys are getting settled there in NC....take care and we will be away again for a while...but will check on you as soon as I can....take care luv ya, Wanda & Jerry