Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello! I do not have any medical updates but I thought I would post a few things. First I've heard some are having trouble posting comments. Here are some instructions that will hopefully help:

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1. Click on the "comments" page below my post
2. Go to the bottom of the page and type in your comment
3. Choose "Google Account" from the "Comment As" Menu
4. Click Post a Comment (if you get an error try clicking this again)
5. Click "create an account now"
6. Enter your info (you will not get junk mail), click continue
7. Do the "word verification" (I hate these things)
8. Click post comment and you're done

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Do steps 1-4 above
5. sign in with the email address and password you used to create the account
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7. Click post comment

The second thing to post - my email is: Warning: I'm not good at answering emails normally and really not good at it when I'm not feeling well.

The final thing I wanted to do is to explain who David Richardson is since so many people have wondered about him. (Sorry David - you tend to attract attention.) He is my mom's second cousin and he has a sense of humor on steroids which I really appreciate in my current state of health. His only negative quality is that he is a huge Virginia Tech fan - but most of us (besides Blair) accept him anyway.

Hope everyone is well, we'll probably have more info on my next chemo tomorrow,
Much love,


  1. Hi Amy,
    I thank you for letting me know who David is. I had kind of figured out that it must be a cousin with all the family names included in his post. Katie and I laughed so hard at his post. I even commented that I knew you and Michael were sitting there reading and laughing right out loud.
    I will assume that your mom has shared our good news with you by now :) That will be another one to visit with you.
    Love and prayers,

  2. So glad you admitted to being related to David, that was very nice of you. Not many would have done that. We all love David and enjoy his sense of humor!! He has special "pet" names for many of the cousins, and loves to tease Blair with the "gobble" tape. Hope all is well with you, tell mom hi. love you, genie and eddie

  3. Amy, this update is hilarious! And a little more about cousin David; yes he has a sense of humor on steroids (all of us look forward to his Christmas cards), yes he is a big Hokie fan, yes he is obviously a bit crazy, but.....he is an absolutely outstanding guy who has been a tremendous support to Amy and Michael, Thanks David!!

    Love, Dad

  4. Awwww, Amy....What would Chris say?! He's an avid Tech alum and only wishes he had a bit more spare money available so that he can go to ALL the games!....'Course is it really about the "social" scene in Blacksburg and not the football?.....probably! But don't tell him I said that!!!

  5. All families have (and need) at least one of these cousins. When you look at the diversity of the personalities it's proof that God has a sense of humor, too! Have a restful night knowing you're prayed for and loved.

  6. Nothing wrong with Hokies....Not at all! (LOL)

  7. Hey Amy,
    Poor cousin David, he is really getting it with this blog! Glad he has such a good sense of humor.
    Hope you find out all the details tomorrow of your next vacation at the "Duke". You can go and brighten up the 9200 wing.
    I'm on my way home tomorrow, it's been a nice vacation with my sisters.
    I love you,

  8. Hey Amy and all-I am so glad that there is a plan and hopefully you can start soon-I did not know that David was a tech fan-I have to say ROLL TIDE at this point-I gave Amy my shirt when I visited and she is going to bring us good luck on saturday-we are here in Naples visitng Mayfields family-on our walk this morning we saw several alligators and many beautiful birds etc

    WE are all thinking of you folks and sending many positive thoughts and prayers!!!!

    Lots of love-
    mbas and tcas

  9. just to clear up some confusion about my being a virgina tech hokie fan??????? it all started when "BLAIR PUTNAM" won the mascot job over at least 20,000,000 hokie mascot wannabees.....i would go to all the games just to see "BLAIR PUTNAM" prance around and get the hokie faithfull into a, i have seen at least 1000 mascots in my day; but none can compete with "BLAIR PUTNAM" and what she achieved in her performance as the virginia tech hokie mascot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i recently talked with frank and he agrees and is in the begginning phase of implementing a nationwide "BLAIR PUTNAM---AMERICA'S MASCOT" homecoming festival....all the great hokie players are putting it on their schedule...3 even went as far as to drop out of their olympic team trials to i ask.....i'm just a lil guy in a big ol world but how in the world could i not become a hokie flockmember with one of my unplanned relatives...this time----"BLAIR PUTNAM" being
    the superstar that she is; even if it is in cognito......her name again....BLAIR PUTNAM
    phone that that is all cleared up......hows our favorte patient?????? hope good....yeah she and bo are...some old "days of our lives" humor there....
    congrats on your move south.....just remember, now that you will be living in the more of that you-ins or yous guys's yall....or as websters sez....pronounced yawwwll and when you meet people on the street for the first time and they immediately ask you what church you go to and you're having a bad day and don't really want to talk to anybody.....rememeber to say...
    we're jewish or catholic and they'll avoid you like the me it the back of your mind you're thinking.....yeah, like i would want to go to church with you
    and all your inbred the way mullets went out of style ....or were they ever really in style???????? only at the irrevelant second baptist pentacostle third cousin of the redeemer church that you are being targeted for membership as we RUN!!!!!
    drop your groceries and can always buy more vittles......why do you think all the mexicans shop at 3 am......immigration ain't got nuthin on these guys......take care of yourself and remember....somebody in south carolina loves ya

  10. Hello there buttercup -

    Maybe you should see if the docs at Duke can give you whatever David is on. It's crazy enough to kick this cancer in the behind. Ha.

    Good luck this week w/ everything - I know how tough you are and how great you are going to do.. again.

    I love you bunches and bunches.

    Go Hoos :)