Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Evening! We have more information on my upcoming chemotherapy. I will be admitted to the 9200 wing of the hospital on Monday (12/7). That day they will only put in a PICC line (no hickman this time!) and finalize what treatment regimen I will have. Since this is part of a clinical trial I may get the chemotherapy delivered within a lipid or just regular chemotherapy. This is random. The chemo will be given between Tuesday and Saturday and they plan to release me Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning assuming everything goes well. This is weird to me since most of my hospital stays have been around 30 days each. After I'm released I will go to the clinic everyday to check in and have blood work.

In other big news, we have decided to sell our house in Indiana and move to North Carolina permanently. Michael and a few friends will go to IN on Tuesday and pack up our house. Dad, Roberta, David and others will go up Thursday to help. They will bring our stuff to VA on Saturday and put most in storage. It will be nice to get some of our stuff down to Durham to make our apartment feel more like home. It will also be nice to have all of my clothes! I hope the move and selling process go smoothly. Michael is also transferring to UNC. They are waiving a lot of the requirements that normal transfer Ph.D. students would have to complete because of the situation. Therefore he's pretty much picking up at UNC where he left off at Purdue and not losing much time. He's glad to be an official Tarheel. He went to the UNC vs. Michigan State basketball game the other night and came home so excited that he couldn't sleep.

Cool fact: For those of you watching college basketball this week you may have noticed that it is "Jimmy V week" on ESPN. Jim Valvano had lymphoma and was actually treated on the 9100 unit of Duke hospital which is the unit I was on during my hospital stays from March-May. I take his words to heart, "Don't give up... don't ever give up."

Thanks so much for the recent cards and well wishes from my "re-diagnosis", it all means so much,


  1. Hello,
    Another very encouraging update. Congratulations on such an amazing attitude. You are right, NEVER GIVE UP, there is always hope and we claim that.
    I know you will be glad when you get things to NC from IN. You can close that chapter and go on the the next one! Michael is also amazing, he fits in anywhere. Such a smart guy.
    I love you both,

  2. Lots of info in this blog. We'll pray that the selling of your house and the moving process goes smoothly. Once it's done, it's bound to make ya'll feel more settled to live in one state again. And closer to "home" at that! We'll also be praying for you as you take this treatment the coming week. I also like Jimmy V's words!!! Stay strong. Know you're loved! Hey to Mom, Dad, Michael, and your family of movers!

  3. Hooray! So excited to have you guys live "down this way"! Let us know if you want Chris to come down from Roanoke or us to come over to "your place" to help unload either at a storage unit or your apartment! We'll be thinking of you next week....I'll call your mom to see how we can be of any help!

  4. Amy,

    Looks like a super plan next week. Duke will have you in and back out before you know it. We'll make sure that all of your e-devotional prayer warriors are at work doing what they do best.

    It's great news that you and Michael are moving this way, but sad that he will soon be a Tarheel. Don't forget what Duke has done for you. Are you aware that Coach K and Jimmy V were great friends? Yes, we're Dookies, and we hope you will become one too!

    God bless you.

    David & Candy

    ps When you need help purchasing a home, look no further. We'd love to help you.

  5. Sounds like a very busy week coming up!! It will be nice to get some of your "stuff" in your NC home. I'm sure getting your clothes will be very nice also. They can take care of all that, while you take care of you. Hope the chemo goes smoothly, seems like a good plan. Rest up and get ready to knock this stuff out, once and for all!!! Love you, Genie & Eddie

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  7. Amy you are an amazing woman!!! Randy and I pray for you and your family daily. "Give up"?, I don't think that is in your vocabulary. You go girl. Much love, Denise

  8. Amy,
    It's been a while since we have commented, but we never missed a day praying for you. Today in church you were lifted up in prayer. It was so strong and so was another moment where it as if your spirit was there in front of the church and you were being annointed.

    I can't explain in words what a role model you have been and continue to be for my girls. We were talking today and Savannah said "Mommy, Amy must be a warrior." and I said "What is a warrior Savannah?" She said "Someone who fights and fights until they just can't fight anymore." I told her she was exactly right, but that she didn't have to worry about Amy not fighting anymore because I knew you have so much more in you. She said "Mommy that is so AWESOME! YES!" SHe loves you and is inspired by you constantly. We all are. Good luck with this next round of chemo...we will be praying extra hard that the side effects stay at bay.

    Love you,
    Lee Anne

  9. Hi Amy
    This is the big "new beginning". We are thinking of you and sending many good vibes through the air waves. Love to hear from you.
    Suzanne and Chris
    p.s. we DID enjoy the Crimson Tide/Gator game, especially since the right team won!

  10. Happy Monday morning!

    Just thinking about you and thought I would share :) I hope this week goes by quickly and easy. You're one tough cookie, so I'm sure you'll have no problems. Stay strong and positive - which I know you will. I love you - please let me know if there is anything I can do (besides getting David to quit leaving you crazy messages on here.. even though I guess it does provide for some interesting entertainment) :)

    I love you!

  11. dear amy and lassie,

    ooops!!!!...usually i read what i write before i send messages but that last message i sent.... i did not! sooooo to update my last message......when i wrote all three of you look like supermodels but that one.....what i meant to say was all 3 of my favorite cousins are gorgeous lasses......but carole ann is gorgeous and scary at the same time....i apologize sincerely and hope this clears this matter up for all parties involved...especially the blood sucking, bottom feeding lawyers..... love ya bunches


    ps....lassie.....if you agree to stop begging at the dinner table.... uncle fred and i shall send you some special treats for christmas.....

  12. Amy, your positive attitude is an inspiration to us all. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Ann & Lynda

  13. We are trying to open Ann an account so she can write you. A&L