Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We got some unfortunate news today. When they tell you results will take over a week and instead get back the next day it's usually not good. My bone marrow is still made up of mostly Leukemia cells so basically this round of chemo did not accomplish it's goal. I'm still going to the clinic for about 5 hours each day for several antibiotics and an anti-fungal and whatever electrolytes or blood products I may need. We will talk with Dr. Rizzieri on Monday about what's next.

We are excited about Christmas though, mom is obviously already here and dad and grandma and coming today. Michael is coming up with some sort of Christmas Dinner to cook. I hope I will be able to eat a little bit of it. Due to mouth sores I'm hooked on "chemotherapy cocktails" where ensure and all those other protein type shakes are mixed up with all kinds of stuff. Mom is becoming quite the "bartender." Roberta, David, Bucky and Phyllis will probably come down Sat. - Sun. We're very disappointed we can't do our usual Christmas "Routine" to see everyone. However, all this company will really make it is a nice christmas.

Send out a special prayer for us. Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Amy


  1. Wishing you all a relaxing, peaceful time together to celebrate the gains you've made, talk some about upcoming options and some already experienced pain and inconvenience...and yet gather strength, as only a family can, to move onward and beat this thing! Love and prayers to you and your family throughout this holiday season. Let the rest of us all appreciate life and the "little" things that we tend to take for granted in our daily routines....

  2. Merry, Merry Christmas, Amy (and family). It sounds like a special time there with family gathering around Michael's goose :) Going to be a LOUD one here I'm thinking with all the little ones.
    MANY, MANY special prayers for a special Pretty lady.
    Love to you and your family,

  3. You are very much in our prayers. We had special prayer for you at church tonight before carolling. This time of year holds so many wonderful traditions - the best of which is time with family. So you all enjoy Christmas in Durham, with or without goose on the menu, and know you're in the hearts and thoughts and prayers of so many in Virginia who love you all dearly. We'll not forget that Christmas is about our Savior, and therein lies our strength and our hope... Love you!

  4. Amy,
    Merry Christmas Amy! Our prayer for you is that you will be filled with God's glorious and purifying Spirit, and quickly on the way to complete healing!
    May you be a blessing to everyone who comes in contact with you.
    Our love in Jesus Christ.
    David & Candy

  5. Hope dad and grandma are with you all now, enjoying the holiday, and some goodies made it to you ok. maybe mom can make an eggnog ensure?? who knows what you may come up with. hope to see you soon, we are all hoping your north carolina christmas finds you feeling better from the mouth sores, etc. we all miss you and everyone there in virginia, but we will be together in spirit, love ya genie and eddie

  6. We are sorry about this setback. The journey to healing is taking longer than expected, but God will get you through this. We are all continually amazed by your strength, your grace, and your ability to see the joy in life each day. Yours is such a bright light!

    Enjoy your family time this Christmas! We are preparing for a big breakfast, even if our families have to ice skate to get here! We love you all.

  7. Amy,
    We've "got your back"! I'm glad your family is coming to be with you! Blessings to Michael!!
    I continue to pray for God's healing for you.

  8. merry christmas eve!! blair and carol ann both wish you a merry christmas, wish we were there. had grandma sara's chicken tonight, pretty good, simple menu here. may get some ice tonight, hope not. we will send santa your way. talk to you all tomorrow. love ya, genie and eddie

  9. December 25, 2009 2:33 PM

    Merry Christmas! So glad you are home and able to be with your family today. I certainly would like to try that goose Michael is going to cook. I didn't really think he would be able to find one but Grandma said he found it at the Fresh Market.
    Sounds like you're going to have a lot of visitors this weekend. Hope everyone makes it there safe and sound. Everyone here sends their love and best wishes to you, Michael and everyone else. We hope you all will have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas.

    With love to you all,
    Patty and Tommy

  10. Merry Christmas! I'm sure you guys are having a wonderful time together. Everyone missed you last night, but you guys were still with us in our hearts. We KNOW you will be with us next year to have a wonderful Christmas. Roberta should have a special something from us at the church for you guys, even though you couldn't be there we wanted you to still be apart of the special times.
    Good Luck at the doctors appointment on Monday.
    Love you guys!

  11. Hope your Christmas Day was delightful and that the weekend will be special with family there in Durham. Sent out a fresh prayer request to friends, family and churches far and near that the New Year will bring you health, happiness and blessings galore! Praying also for your medical staff. Give your Mom and Dad a kiss from us & Jarret.
    Love Ya

  12. Amy,
    Merry day after Christmas :) I am sure you all had some wonderful family time and if I remember right the Webbs are coming down today. Well....I do need to share a little Candle light service story at Low Moor. Michael would have been so proud :) Well all the kids acted out the Christmas story....Emma, Maddi and Abby were precious angels (of course) and Calvin (Josh's son) was to be the star. Well Nan and I had the angels and star at the choir loft and about 1 minute before they were to go out Mr. Calvin decided it was taking too long so he proceeds to take the BIG star costume off and go out to his parents. When I returned to help get the angels out.....NAN had the star costume on and yes she did.....walked right on out there and stood. I could see Drew, Sally and Keith from side of the choir loft but I know that whole pew was a shaking like old times :) Afterward we went back to Nana's house and talked about all the pew shaking memories on Christmas Eve. We love you both very much and praying daily. With lots of love from your pew shakin friends and family :)