Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good Evening. I started chemo today and it is a bright purple drug. So far I have had red, clear, blue and now purple chemo drugs. Nothing much to tell you all on that front. I usually do not have side effects until around day 3 so probably Friday. I will have two more chemo treatments: one on Thursday and one on Saturday. That plan is still to release me Saturday evening or Sunday morning as long as I am keeping down food (which may be a long shot for me but I am going to try very hard).

Michael left for Indiana this morning and has a busy few days ahead of him. I told him that I had been dreading moving out of our house in IN for about a year while we were still living there because we have way too much stuff so this works out well that I don't have to worry about it :). It is a big job for him though but we're thankful we have lots of family and friends to help. He should be back to Durham sometime Sunday.

Hope you all (or ya'll now that I live in the south) have a good week,


  1. Glad to hear today went well. (And purple is my favorite color.) Praying you won't have to deal with any nausea with this new chemo. Wishing Michael and the movers all the best. Hey, if you had to miss anything, I agree with you that the packing and moving is the thing to avoid. :) Lots of love & prayers,

  2. dear amy,

    it sounds like from this end, your doctors are giving you a rainbow coalition of drugs to get you back to the superior health we are all wanting for you....has jessie jackson made his appearance yet cuz he is from greenville and i have a lil pull with him...(technically its not pull but the bum does owe me $200 from our last poker game)if he does stop in.....i'll split it with ya if you collect for me...and don't be surprised if he wants to pay in pennies...just don't take a check......i gotta run but just wanted to wish ya luck this week and by the way...nice recovery on that (or "yall" now that i live in the south!!!!!!)did you think i wouldn't notice????????? i notice the lil things...... just not usually the big ones.....but it probably because our news is sooooooo slow here in the south...like just the other day...i read about president nixon visiting the land of china....its this whole other country....see forrest or marybeth if you need more information....its like your mama sez when talking about your crazy relatives...."stupid is as stupid does and thats about all i gots to say about that"
    but it does bring back a scouting memory...i used to be a scoutmaster for a dozen or so years and without thinking one camp out i told one of our older scouts about a scout that used to be in our troop that swore up and down that he could poop a rainbow if he ate a whole bag of skittles in one bite.....i thought nothing else about it until the next campout when every scout we had (almost 60) showed up with hundreds of bags of skittles....go figure....

    love always


  3. Amy,
    Don't eat any skittles please!! maybe red and green m & m's would be nice. i am afraid to ask david what yoprclisc is, something about the only planned richardson cousin....hope you are having a good day, sunny now here, but wind is picking up. how is the weather at the house in Ind? Hope not too snowy, cold, etc. I can understand how you must hate helping load up, etc. haha, i am with you 100% on that one, i would have to hire a backhoe to clean out our basement if we ever moved, can't imagine. take care and tell mom hi. love ya,
    genie and eddie

  4. Hey Amy,
    Can you believe Katie talking about me like she did? Calling me crazy... Doesn't she know there are things called genes :) LOL
    Sending prayers for safe travels and happy moving to the Indiana entourage. I agree that missing that move is a plus.
    Love and prayers to you and please give a big hug to your mom for me :)


  5. Amy,
    Wow purple....but I do love purple. Glad everything is going smoothly. Sending more prayers your way as you have another tx today. Also thinking about all the fellas in IN and hoping none of your stuff gets left :) Cause you know those husbands tend to make sure they have all THEIR stuff first :) Do I sound like I am speaking from experience?!? And on a final note....the genes comment from above....well I didn't go into teaching and the other ones did ha ha ha ha....but wait as I look around my house there are 5 kids here 4 and under...maybe I am crazy after all :) Love and prayers to you and all your 'helping hands' Keith, Kate, Maddi, Carson and ??? :)

  6. Unless your husband is like mine who hoards everything (thinking that someday that piece of metal or screw, or whatever might come in handy someday) 'cause then you'll be renting more than one large storage unit and get to sort through it all and do the big "throw out" later.....Great way to spring clean in the winter, however, if he's so inclined. Thinking that they may not really want to lift but so much, hopefully, he'll settle for the latter. Renting a dumbster and having it right outside your house can sure save time and energy....and then you just pay a few bucks and it's all hauled away for you! Your neighbors may not think kindly of this idea...but who cares, you're moving, right?....Kidding, just kidding....sorta.....

  7. hello my dear southern bell, its nice to read your blog. Me and my regular southern bell are gonna have a busy time from here to sunday. we got basketball practice, laundry, trip to walmart, and packing. Thats just tonite and its already 6:00 and we aint even started yet. Tomorrow we are gonna go to Roanoke and do Christmas shopping since I aint even started yet and go to a company party tomorrow nite. Then get up saturday morn and go visit this really cool cat we know down in North Carolina. Did I mention we got to cook a turkey breast and have it at the church by early friday Morn? Well, since I got all this to do im gonna get scrambling. Talk to you later darlin. Love CHRIS