Friday, December 11, 2009

Good evening - today was a semi-good day.

Amy still has no nausea but about 5:00 p.m. she started getting chills and then she spiked a fever (102+). The chills and shaking were fairly bad so the nurse gave her some Demerol and it really seemed to help the shaking. Earlier this morning the doctors put her on 2 antibiotics for an ear infection and unknown bumps/rash. Therefore, Dr, Chao said to continue with antibiotics and Tylenol - and wait and see. Hopefully the antibiotics will take care of any infections she may have. As I am writing this, her temperature is back down to 99-100, and she is feeling pretty good.

It is amazing how much "stuff" you can accumulate. Michael had rented one truck for moving , but they ended up having to go rent another truck to finish packing. Greg got on the road , heading back to Clifton Forge, this evening. Michael , and rest of helpers, will start back in the morning.

We are unsure how spiking a fever tonight will affect tomorrows treatment and the possibility of going home. Of course, Amy would love to be able to go home, but if she needs to stay in hospital she understands. Also, Amy is excited to get to see some new faces this weekend.... Chris and Kelly are coming down for a visit and Michael will be back Sunday:).

lots of thanks to all and please keep praying.


  1. We sure are praying! Prayer is powerful, and it is the only tool we have to help you. There are so many people praying for your healing. Just hang in there, God is still in control.
    Hope you feel much better tomorrow morning and can get the rest of the chemo and be able to go home. I know you will enjoy your company, and the arrival of Michael Sunday. Of course, it will be good to see Bud 'n Bud.
    I love you,

  2. dear amy,

    you always bring back such memories.......the last time i suffered symptoms like that...was was a night like any other night except colder...much, much colder.....several of us decided after watching Spartacus with kirk douglas and perhaps maybe a few too many liquid refreshments to streak thru our local tastey freeze......(somebody thought.....oh never mind?????) it would have been a successful streaking too except my 6 inch stiletto heel broke in mid stride right by the potato chip display......the chips went flying everywhere......doritos, cheetos, nachos...
    (does anybody else see the "mexican" implications here?????? this could have been a prequel to the infamous "milagro-beanfield war"......which is a pretty good movie by the way) to make a long story shorter......
    we all escaped our perdicament without the need of legal counsel,......i just threw them a few pesos for the chips and kept on streaking out of the now, you are probably asking yourself when did i actually suffer the same symptoms that you are currently experiencing.....technically i probably didn't; but you are missing the bigger question.......where did i stash my pesos that i paid for the chips with while streaking thru the tastey freeze???????? now that is the bigger question.....i'll let ya ponder on that one fer a ya / mean it

  3. Good afternoon Amy and Kathy-

    Amy I sure hope you are feeling better and the meds are doing their work-hang tough and I am so glad Chris and Kelly are coming-

    Lots of love and prayers from Alabama!

  4. hope you are feeling better, know you will enjoy seeing chris and kelly. just ran in to David at Cuccis, understand another group may try some of that also. I know they are worn out, maybe they can work with United Van Lines soon. At least you can get to your "stuff" now. Have a good evening. Love ya, Genie and Eddie

  5. Oh have your OWN things soon. I KNOW that will be a great feeling. I know the movers will be ready for bed tonight. My prayers are for their safety as they travel. As for you, Pretty Lady, my prayer is that this fever goes away quickly, and you can return home very very soon.

  6. Dec. 13, 2009 2:42 PM

    You poor thing! To have chicken pox on top of shingles, I can't imagine!! We hope they are able to keep the pain of the shingles at a minimum and hope your chicken pox will disappear as fast as they came. Sounds like you are taking it in stride, as you have everything else. Hope Michael and Mom have had them. It was nice of Kelly to give your mom a break and know you enjoyed having the visitors.
    We're also glad the move went well and everyone made it to IN and back safely. It's always nice to have some of your own things where you are. Take care and hope you'll be back home real soon. Give Michael and Mom our love.
    Love ya,