Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today has been a LONG day. We went to the clinic to get my IV antibiotic. After looking at my PICC line today they decided it needed to be pulled. They also put me on an additional IV antibiotic. So after receiving both antibiotics we headed over to the hospital and had a new PICC line put in and and the old one pulled out. The nurse had a hard time getting the new one in and actually had to try 4 different veins before it finally worked. Since I have switched from oral antibiotics to IV antibiotics I will have to go to the clinic each day for a while. The upside is I do not have to take Cipro anymore which makes me feel "yucky". They also upped by pain medication for my mouth sores. I am concerned about my mouth sores because it hurts most on the left side and it isn't quite like the mouth sores I had before. I'm scared it has something to do with a tooth or something. Let's hope not.

As always, thanks, thanks, thanks!!!


  1. Hi, Another long day! So sorry you are spending most of your time at either the clinic or the hospital, but we know all of this is just part of getting you well. Hopefully those IV antibiotics will clear up those mouth sores, and soon, we all hope. Still praying for a good BMB report. Everyone is pulling for you, and God has you right in the palm of His hand. You are so special.
    I love you,

  2. glad they finally got the picc line in,really fun when it takes a few tries i'm sure! hope today is a better one, shorter at clinic. lots of people checking on you, so good of you to keep us posted. see you soon!! hang in there, you are a real trooper. love ya, genie and eddie

  3. Good morning Amy and all-

    I am so sorry to hear about these recent challenges-you are doing an amazing job handling this-glad to hear that they are getting the meds where you need them to be-lots of prayers and positive thoughts beaming from Alabama for the BMB and improvement of the sores-

    You folks continue to be an inspiration-hang tough and I pray today is a better one!

    Lots of love-


  4. I join lots of others in praying for the mouth sores to be gone and good results next week. Thanks for keeping us up to date - keeps us in touch with someone we care so much about. We love you, ya know. Hope the weather is as beautiful in Durham as it is here today! I appreciate sunshine all the more after the recent winter weather! God is good! Praying....

  5. i hope this finds u feeling better my name is glenda and frank persinger keeps me up to date and the more i read about u the more i love you and pray for you and i no in my heart ur will get better