Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi everyone! It has been a pretty good week. I've had lots of pain with the central line but the pain medication is helping a lot. This is my third central line and each one has been very painful for the first few weeks. Yesterday the site started getting red and today it was much worse and swollen. They think I have some cellulitis around it and switched my antibiotics around a bit. I get one antibiotic daily at the clinic and the other is given through a portable pump. It's really neat! It's this blue bag (the nurses call it a fanny pack) that I have to carry around with me and it gives me an hour dose of the antibiotic three times a day. I'm glad they have come up with stuff like this so you don't have to go in the hospital to get IV medication. Hopefully these new antibiotics will take care of this infection so they can save this central line. I'm starting to run out of options as far as vein access. I think my veins are protesting to being poked and prodded so much.

I get a treatment tomorrow and hopefully once this infection clears up we will get some days off from the clinic and get back to just having treatments. Have a good week, Amy

PS to David Richardson - We have to clear something up here... in this household we are Boston fans, so George Steinbrenner will have to find someone else!


  1. Hi Sweetie,
    Just another bump, huh? I'm glad for the fanny pack, too. At least you are getting the IV's when you need them and still being at home. I'm glad Dr. Chow didn't want to pull the line, I know that is no fun. You have crossed bigger bumps than this one, so I know it will soon clear up. Greater is He who is in you, than he that is in the world. You have a lot of help.
    I love you, Grandma

  2. Hi Amy,
    Fanny packs come in very handy. I like to say I'm wearing one even when I'm not :)

    That was great news last week. This week, prayers will be for that central line difficulty.
    As always, I'm sending love, hugs, and prayers.


  3. Hey Amy and all-

    Man-hope the meds do the trick and your line improves-grandma is right in that this is another bump-you sure have rallied around the bumps-I have no doubt at this point that we could put you in a NASCAR vehicle and you could take them all on-not many folks have the courage and will that you have shown-so proud of all of you!!!

    Love and hugs-


  4. Don't you wish you could invent and get a patent on all the good stuff like the "fanny pack"? I've always thought it would be cool to develop practical treatments/equipment for animals after our Brittany developed all the symptoms she'd had from a brain lesion that kept moving and producing different symptoms....As smart and you and Michael are, you could make millions after what you've seen and learned over the past year!!!! I'll market it for you...with you mom's help of course...She's the one with a brain for business.....Love to you all. Hope the infection clears sooner than later....

  5. Happy St Patty's Day!! Hope you are having a
    good day, and the line site is better. Is the IV in green today? I hope you got a day off from the clinic today. Tell Mom hello for us.
    Enjoy this nice weather. Love ya, Genie and Eddie

  6. dear amy and gang,

    i shall try to break the news to george, but understand.. the last time someone attempted to give him such devastating news.....the fishies in the east river had a smorgasborg?????? i hope to have another conversation with yall in the future but only time will always,

    yoprstbswtf glad to hear yall are having a really good week...hope it continues til you're completely recovered!!!!!!!!!!!!1