Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things are still going well here in Durham. Monday was my last day of IV antibiotics so I no longer have the blue IV bag to carry around and I no longer have to go to clinic everyday. I did go to clinic today to get my 11th dose of STA-9090. My white count made a jump today which scares me but supposedly the percentages of blasts in my blood are staying the same so they are not worried. I have two days OFF!!! Friday will be my next clinic visit. It will be very enjoyable to sleep in since we've been going to clinic for about a month without any days off.

Hope this update finds you all well,


  1. Hey, Congrats, so glad you can now have a couple days off. Hope the white blood count gets back in line soon, no good to have to worry! You are still doing great, just hang in there. Love you much, Grandma

  2. Days off are always good!! I hope you have planned something really special to do with your Mom and Michael. The weather is beautiful here as I'm sure it is there. Enjoy those days and the sleeping in :)
    Love and Hugs,

  3. It is sooo good to hear that you are doing well! We had a great time bowling. I was most definitely the worst bowler on our team! No one seemed to mind, though! You remain in our prayers - keep kickin' butt!

  4. Hope your days off have been enjoyable and restful. May your clinic day go smoothly tomorrow. Thinking of you, as always, with love and prayers.

  5. dear amy and gang,

    just a thought to pass along before i head to work.....

    if i had the day off.....i would honing my curling skills!!!!!!! gotta run....take care and aim left about three degrees....

    love ya mean it