Monday, March 8, 2010

We found out this morning that I DO have a blood clot in my arm so my PICC line had to be pulled. They think the clot will just resolve itself and there is only about a 1% chance that a clot in the arm would move anywhere to cause damage. For now they have put a regular IV in my other arm and I will have another Hickman placed in my chest whenever they can work me in. I've had two Hickman lines so far and both have been somewhat painful for the first week or so. I need lots of prayers that this one will go more smoothly.

The pain in my arm is still pretty bad and it is extremely swollen. Dr. Chao said it looks like I have just been lifting weights with one arm. I will probably stay in the hospital for at least another night to control the pain. A lot of things are up in the air right now because we don't know when they can place a new Hickman and also we do not have results from last weeks bone marrow biopsy. Those results should come sometime today and hopefully they will decide what the next "cycle" of my treatment will be. I hope they can still get it started tomorrow but we will see.

Much thanks for all of you who keep up with this blog - I appreciate all of you who have followed me for over a year.



  1. A nice surprise to find a new post on your blog. Do you feel like a guinea pig? If so, you are a very important one, just think what this clinical trial may mean, even with the bumps along the way. Life has lots of bumps, but it is getting past them that shows just how amazing you are, and your determination has kept us who follow you in awe. You have so many praying for you, and I am sure noone is going to let up, but will sincerely pray for your comfort. We love you! Grandma

  2. hope the pain eases in the arm, will have to work out with your left arm too i guess! good luck with all the other things going on, praying for some good news. the sunshine should help brighten things up some, have a good day. love to all down there, genie and eddie