Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi Everyone! We're still enjoying Spring and feeling good here in Carolina. The antibiotics can make me feel yucky and a little nauseous but I think I'm getting that under control by taking an Ativan 20-30 minutes before I take the antibiotic. Other than having low energy and a few stomach aches all is good. Another piece of good news is that they did get FDA approval for giving me treatment twice a week. A research oversight group at Duke still has to give approval but if the FDA approved it there's no reason to think they will not approve it. So twice a week treatments will start next week. I will have a Bone Marrow Biopsy Tuesday before the treatment. My usual PA who has done my last 8 or 9 BMBs will be out of town so I'm a little nervous about it this time but they will give me lots of good drugs to relax me beforehand. The drugs they have today amaze me, I don't know how people had surgery or other small procedures without sedation or conscious sedation drugs in the past. Yea for Anesthesiologists! (Although the drugs I will get aren't strong enough to require one.)

Also in good news, Michael and Matthew are leaving for Indiana tomorrow to go to the final four! When we lived in Indiana we figured we would enter the lottery for tickets (there is a 10% chance you actually get them) since it would only be an hour away. Well we got tickets! So they will be viewing the final four on the big screens while sitting in the nose bleed section of Lucas Oil Stadium watching the little ants bounce around a barely visible ball. They're still excited though! Wish them safe travels. I will be perfectly content watching it from my comfy chair.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! :)


  1. Things are going right along, just as regular as clock work. I am so excited about the drug co. following you so closely, and I know they are anxious for you to break ground with two treatments a week. Good luck, God is in control of all of it. So sorry you could not go to the Final Four, but maybe your chair will be the best seat. So glad Matthew and Michael could go, and I do wish them a good trip.
    Love this spring time, love this Holly Week, love you...Grandma

  2. Way to go on the FDA approval! You are breaking new ground! Tomorrow is a short school day. Whoopie! I am looking forward to a long weekend, as are my kids and my students. The weather is soooo beautiful - I think it's time to break out the kayak and head to Douthat. The rivers are too swift for me right now! You are always in our prayers!

  3. Happy Easter, Amy and to everyone there with you! :) I agree with you. Give me my up-close views from my TV of those ballgames. I AM sure the two boys are excited LOL I'm also sure they love my calling them boys :)
    I hope you are enjoying this weather as much as I am. God is so good!
    Love, Hugs, and Prayers,