Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! We have so much to celebrate today and I hope you all have friends and family to celebrate with. I was too tired to make the trip to VA so I miss seeing a lot of my family but I'm glad to have mom and dad here with me.

I've felt good yesterday and today but the end of the week was kind of rocky. The antibiotics just really mess with my stomach and give me lots of nausea... so I stopped taking it. At first I followed everything the doctors told me to do, but after 14 months I've realized it's my body and I can make some decisions on my own - whether they're the right decisions or not. Hopefully they will find an antibiotic that will protect me but not make me feel so bad.

Hope everyone has a joyous day!



  1. HAPPY EASTER, and yes, go Red Sox!
    I am so glad you are feeling better today and hope when you go to the clinic Tues. they can get your antibiotics straightened out. I know you are enjoying your mom and dad there, and I guess the Red Cross is also, since they called him to come give platelets again, they must like him, too! It's a beautiful Resurrection Day!
    I love you, Grandma

  2. I am so glad you are feeling better and had a
    nice Easter. It was a beautiful weekend, hope next few days are nice too. Good luck with new treatments this week. Sounds like you are ready for them to do their job!! We love you,
    Genie and Eddie

  3. It's been an exceptionally beautiful Easter this year. The weather and the worship! Glad you've had a wonderful celebration in Durham as well. Sending love and prayers your way with hopes for the "perfect" anitibiotic when you visit the clinic this week.