Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well Mom and I just finished watching the movie Julie & Julia and I'm sorry that I don't have more exciting things to blog about. However, if I were to try to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook it probably would be quite interesting for very different reasons than in the movie (I cannot cook. Bake, yes. But cook, no.)

I went to clinic today and had my usual treatment plus received a unit of platelets. My hemoglobin was still high from the infusion on Friday so no red blood cells today. I can definitely tell if my hemoglobin is low/high as it corresponds with how much energy I have. However, my white count took a big jump to 6.5 (it had been staying around 3.5-4.5) so this is worrisome to me. The PA I see in clinic is basically there to treat the symptoms and not the big picture so he didn't really have much insight into this jump. He did however say that he would discuss it with Dr. Rizzieri and my "main PA" Therese this afternoon. So hopefully we'll know more Friday. Dr. Rizzieri did say one time that a white blood count at or below 7 would satisfy him, but I still don't like the big jump.

I did come across one good thing today though: Reese Cup Milkshakes from The Cookout. After having one I no longer think I will be satisfied with a Reese Cup blizzard from Dairy Queen. Just wanted to end on a positive note,

Much thanks to you all, Amy :)


  1. Haven't watched that movie yet, but I do want to see it. And Reese Cup milkshakes sound like a yummy sugar rush! As always you're in my thoughts and my prayers. I'll be staying tuned to read Dr. Rizzeri's take on the numbers Friday. (Going to attend revival services at "Big Rock" in a little bit.) Tell Mom hello for me. Love you lots'n'lots.

  2. glad your energy level is good, and anything with "reese" in it has to be good, yummy!!
    hope the white cells go down, have a good couple of days before clinic again. i havent seen that movie yet, but looks cute-bet it is a good "little" movie(that is for Kathy, lol).
    have a good evening, love ya, genie

  3. Hey there,
    So glad you enjoyed a Reese Cup milkshake, made a bright spot in your day! What are we going to do about that white blood count jump? I don't like it either, but sometimes things go the opposite of the way we want them, so we will just pray it down. God knows our hearts and desires and He is very much aware of you. I hope Friday will bring a better lab report.
    Love you, Grandma (And enjoy another milkshake, sounds so good!)

  4. Amy,
    I'll bet there are times when you grow weary of "hanging in there." So we will continue to lift you up in our prayers and ask the Spirit to carry you mightily through it all!
    I pray that God will give you and your family an extra measure of peace, so that you may more fully rest in God.
    I love the comment: "God loves you so much that, if God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it!" I think we all need to remember that God loves us so very dearly, more than we can fathom.
    I am praying hard for you, Amy!

  5. Hanna and I watched that movie a while back. I do like to cook, but don't always have time, so I would have given up pretty quickly! Also, I Do NOT have a desire to debone a duck. You are continually in our prayers, as always. We love you!