Friday, April 16, 2010

Things are still status quo which is good. I had my usual treatment today as well as infusions of red blood cells and platelets. My hemoglobin was low but not at transfusion level so the PA left it up to me as to whether to get the unit of red blood cells so I said bring it on because a transfusion always gives me more energy.

Last night I had some muscle spasms in my right rib area. This is where some of my shingles were located back in December. The PA thinks this is just a result of damage done to the nerve endings by the shingles. So it could creep up at any time and we just have to try to treat it with pain medication and muscle relaxers. Overall, I'm still feeling really good which is a lot to be thankful for!

Have a good weekend, Amy


  1. Hope you have a good weekend, sounds like you are handling the new treatments fine. Give those bad cells the old one-two punch, knock them down! Tell mom, dad and Michael hi for us, and enjoy the weekend. love ya, genie and eddie

  2. Hey there, Pretty Lady!
    You sound so good. I'm just wondering when you will get YOUR medical degree:)
    Prayers will be for that energy that you want.. (a little of that for me too)and that those spasms are JUST that, a nuisance and nothing else flairing up.
    Love and hugs to ALL of you!

  3. I need to get you guys over here soon before "little bit" ain't so little any more. She's already close to 40 lbs and full of energy which labs are well known for!I think that Tucker is missing those quiet days when he was not torpedoed by a brown missle and bitten on the ear or jaw!!!!

  4. Hi there Amy and family-

    It is a beautiful Sunday here and lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way-glad they pumped you up with all of that stuff and hope you are tolerating this increased dosage ok-

    Words cannot express my ongoing admiration for the strength and courage you show every day Amy-and all of you-and your warm well wishes for all of us-

    You are an inspiration and hang tough like you have been-pulling for you in every way!

    Love you all-


  5. Good morning Amy,
    Chris and Suzanne here in Naples. We keep thinking of you and are glad to hear the treatments keep you better! Keep up the most excellent work you are doing - your spirit is a huge one! Our love, Chris and Suzanne

  6. hi honey. this is jane newkirk. i have your dads written instructions in hand and will keep right here so can comment to you. i just wanted you to know that even tho you dont directly hear from me all the time you are always with me. i love you and am in your prayer corner. am glad you got your french toast fix at cheesecake factory. :) god bless.

  7. Hi Amy,

    Wanted to start out the week letting you know I am thinking of you. You are doing a wonderful job with everything and thank you always for doing such a great job of updating us! As always - I have you right here in my heart and prayers and really look forward to seeing you, hopefully, very soon. This is a very busy time for my work (And, I am thankful!)so hope to get away sometime soon for a few days. Have a Blessed Week - I love you, Aunt Robbie

  8. Good morning, Amy!
    Just a quick note to let you know that you are in my prayers. I took a personal day today to work on a class I'm taking online, so I'd thought I'd check on you. Carolyn and Ronnie have Andrew. Yesterday was her birthday and Andrew picked out her card - a dog with plastic eyes. It is really a card for kids. The first one he picked up had Shrek riddles, like what do you smell when Shrek hasn't taken a bath? A foul ogre! I think the dog card was a little better! As always, my prayer for you is complete healing. Stay strong! We love you!

  9. Hey Amy,
    It's been a while since I left a comment on here, but you certainly haven't left my thoughts. I also keep up with you on facebook. An update on the girls....Savannah just finished the swim team where she had a fantastic season and loves it so much she is wanting to do it this summer. We are looking forward to her dance recital in May, but don't know if dance is for her. ;) Maria is participating in Sports for Shortys :) too cute. You should see her and Calvin Craft....they crack us up! We hung out at the beach over Easter and had some great family time. We talk about you often and continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We love you.

  10. Amy-

    Our prayer is that you will feel good and get stronger with each day. And, or course, we are praying for successful treatments.

    Hope this is a fantastic week!

    Trusting Jesus!

    David & Candy

  11. Hey Sweetie, At last I am back on line. I just hope the new power pack keeps me on. We just got back this evening from KY, such a nice visit with MJ for her 75th birthday, 40 at her party. Such a scenic ride through WV and KY. I hope you are feeling much better today and will be strong for another treatment tomorrow. Love you so much...Grandma