Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 updates in one day! I guess I just feel like writing today. I am settled in the hospital, they are giving me pain medication through my IV every 3 hours, and I have some of my favorite nurses. So things have really improved throughout the day. Just wanted to end the day on a positive note, Amy


  1. I'm glad you ended the day on a positive note, but, you're always positive. You have such a good attitude and out look on everything. You are a joy to have around and to read about. I'm glad this is just a 23 hr. stay, but glad you're there. A lot of prayers have been sent for you today. Love you lots, Grandma

  2. So a change of scenery is just needed some time. Rest and know that prayers are covering you. I saw Michael's grandparents today along with Kelly's family and Joleen. They had told me that you were feeling some better after the IV meds. The weather has been beautiful the past 2 days. I guess this winter just makes us appreciate spring weather even more.
    Love and Hugs, (for Michael,too)