Sunday, May 31, 2009

I checked into the bone marrow wing yesterday morning. It's exciting to finally be here. The rooms are actually a little bigger than the rooms on the "chemo wing" that I was on. They're also more "updated" as far as decorations/medical equipment etc. It's nice to be in a different type of room - any change of scenery helps. They also have a small "gym" on this unit with a treadmill, bike, and weights so I'm trying to continue my walking - although I'm sure I won't feel like doing it in a few days. However the physical therapist is here to work with me and keep me moving (Katie you should be proud). I had some trouble getting to sleep last night - it could be a result of the steroids I am on to help with nausea or just being in a new place. Either way hopefully it will get better.

I had my first chemo treatment yesterday about 4 and it ran for 2 hours. I will get my second one sometime today and *hopefully* this will be my last chemo treatment for at least a very long time. I start radiation tomorrow at 8:00 (which means they pick me up from my room at 7:30) and then I will have another "fraction" (that is what they call a treatment) around 4:00 tomorrow as well.

Thanks for all the cards, prayers, good wishes, etc. that you all are sending my way. While I was home I loved going to the mailbox each day - it definitely brightened my day. Hope you all have a good first week of June (I can't believe it's already almost June), Amy


  1. Good morning Amy,
    It is quite enlightening to ready your "story" - all the things you have been through and then how the actual transplant happens. Our bodies are amazing things aren't they? Have a good week as you prepare; hope that this week's treatments are tolerable. BEST of LUCK with the actual transplant (via IV I now know!).
    Chris and Suzanne in Toronto

  2. Good Monday morning Amy. Hope the weather is as beautiful in NC as it is here today, and that you have nice big windows to take it in. Since we begin and end each day thinking of you and praying for you, it's really nice to read your updates to know exactly what's going on there. Praying this round of treatment is easier than you expect and will be over more quickly than you'd thought. Love & prayers, Brenda and Dale

  3. Hi Amy and all-

    I am so proud of how you are handling all of this-you are very strong and have kept your humor-key thing-my hope and prayer is that they find ways to sustain you through the tough part-you are in a good place!

    Those little stem cells are going to do what they need to do!!!!

    so much love-

  4. Amy,
    I AM PROUD!!! I am sure it is NOT easy getting in that exercise, especially when you aren't feeling well. But just as I tell my patients "as long as you give an effort that is all that matters" and it sure does sound like you are giving a great effort!!! Hope the last few days leading up to the transplant are good. You and all your hospital support continue to be in our prayers. Love and Prayers, Kate, Keith, Maddi and Carson :)

  5. Hope you are feeling ok. You should be good with the radiation, always good with "fractions", haha! Let the doctors, etc. take care of you, you have a great attitude, which will make a world of difference. We are rooting for you all! Love you, Genie and Eddie