Monday, May 4, 2009

So as planned they took out my central line yesterday afternoon and I have not had a fever since and feel much better! So at this point I'm almost positive that the central line was the source of the infection. I will get a new central line sometime before the transplant. I have had a bad cough which is now the focus. They even put me on oxygen because I can't breathe deep without coughing. The idea of going on Oxygen bothered me at first but it has actually made me much more comfortable. Today I will have a CT scan of my chest and tomorrow they will do a procedure to biopsy "anything" in my lungs. I also woke up this morning with some mouth sores which is surprising because I have not had many problems with them before. Overall, I'm feeling really well - I just need to get rid of this cough.


  1. Glad the infection is gone. Probably one of meds causing cough. Hope that clears up soon. UVA(&Blair) will be heading down your way Friday evening to prepare for NCAA playoff game at Duke on Sunday(LAX). I will keep yall posted on when, etc. Have a better day!!

    Love ya,
    Genie and Eddie

  2. Hi Amy,
    Sounds so much better. Glad you are feeling more comfortable; must be re-assuring. Hope they can help with clearing up the cough. You know, oxygen is probably pretty helpful! We'll check in later this week.
    Love, The Florida Armstrongs

  3. Amy, I must say this really sounds overwhelming. Words are all I have to try and comfort you. The words I have are already posted on your comments.
    I am really thinking about you. I keep thinking happy thoughts and sending them your way. I think I am going to start sharing some of my daily adventures with this class. They say the darndest things. I will change their names to protect the innocent but they will make you laugh. I think laughing could be the best medicine right now.
    Love to you and your family.

  4. Amy,
    Just a quick note to say hi and glad to see that the fever this gone (and hopefully will stay away!!) Also we pray that the rest of the 'side effects' soon disappear as well. Keep your spirits up, and know that your extended 'Alleghany County Family' keep you close!! With Love and Lots of Prayers,
    Kate, Keith, Maddi and Carson

  5. So we'll pray specifically for that pesky cough to go away and take the mouth sores with it. Glad the infection has cleared. Thinking of you with love and prayers.

  6. We were glad to hear that you were feeling much better today. We are still praying for you and will contine to keep you in our prays everyday. You are a very special person and I know that god is watching over you. Take care and tell everyone hello.

  7. I am just going to get in my car and drive down there tomorrow morning and clean out all of those bugs and pests bothering you! I am so anxious to see you and I hope you continue to feel better. Hopefully the oxygen will help that cough and I won't have to put a spell on it! I love and miss all of you, will see you tomorrow. Grandma

  8. Glad the fever is gone just work on the cough now. I read something in a book last week and thought of you. A little boy told him mom to P.U.S.H "Pray until something happens" and thats what we are on doing. Guess what I believe thats is exactly what is happening. Things are going so well for you and will continue too.
    Love you guys

  9. hey there buttercup!

    I just wanted to send you a message to tell you that I'm thinking of you and love you very much! Hopefully this pesky cough will be gone soon. I am heading down to Durham on Friday so maybe I can figure out a way to come see you b/c I miss not seeing you :) I'll let you know - in the meantime take care of yourself and get ready to kick this thing in the behind! LOVE YOU!!!

    ps. tell your momma I love her and to let me know if there is anything she needs :) & Boo too!

  10. Amy, so glad that the fever is gone and we hope it doesn't return so you hopefully will get out of the hospital for a few days before you have to re-enter for the long haul after the transplant. We love you and have you in our thoughts and especially our prayers.

    Love you bunches....
    Karen, Tim and Hollee

    P.S. Hollee is in the running for Miss AHS-it seems kinda weird to me cause I can't picture her as a Miss anything (maybe Miss Softball?) Who knows...she has some stiff compitition from a few cheerleaders...

  11. Hey Amy!
    I am so glad to hear the good news about those fevers being gone, now if you can just shake that cough. I have a Savannah story for you....she said "Mommy why are there stars in the sky?" and before I had a chance to respond she answered her own question by saying "Oh I know, to decorate!" I cracked up and said "You are exactly right." I hope most is well your way and you keep up that positive attitude. We continue to think of you and send the positive energy your way.
    Billy, Lee Anne, Savannah, and Maria

  12. "PTL", no lung damage. You are a real fighter and we know you can beat this set-back. Hope you can get rid of that nasty cough soon. Maybe Grandma bringing you a load of her love and hugs is what you needed. I know she is happy to be there by your side now.
    Give our love to Michael, your mom, dad and grandma.
    We love you,
    Patty and Tommy

  13. Amy & Michael,

    We are lifting you up to God continually!
    God bless you both with his comfort & good hope!

    Lisa & Gary Marshall