Sunday, May 10, 2009

So I'm STILL in the hospital. Luckily I am off the oxygen now and breathing fine and feeling good as well (no fevers). My respiratory problems are also improving daily. The plan as of now is to go in the bone marrow unit next Monday (the 18th) to start the preparatory radiation and chemo. This all depends on getting a clean bone marrow biopsy this week, which I am somewhat nervous about. I am very anxious to get the transplant process started. This is the last big hurdle and also the most critical point in my treatment. The doctors will decide tomorrow if they will let me go to the apartment for a while or if they would rather keep me here until I switch over to the bone marrow unit.

We would also like to thank everyone who helped with the very successful bone marrow drive yesterday. 95 people were added to the registry! A special thanks goes out to Kelly for organizing it all. Thank you also to those who registered - I can't tell you how important this is.


  1. Let me first start off with HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY KATHY and GRANDMA VESS!!! Amy you are blessed to have such a wonderful group of 'mothers' ;)
    Amy...glad to see that everything is improving. We continue to keep you close!! Carson and Maddi also enjoyed the donor drive yesterday as they were able to help themselves to cookies (thanks to Gladys and Grandma Webb) I think Carson went back 3 times!!! Funny little boy!! Hope things continue improve as I am sure they will. With love and lots of prayers, Kate, Keith, Maddi and Carson.

  2. Hi Amy,
    We are with you, thinking of GOOD RESULTS from this week's biopsy. You are facing each step with such spirit!
    Love, the Florida Armstrongs

  3. Hi there Young Lady,
    It was really good to see your Mom and Dad on Saturday and yes, Carson LOVED that cookie table. I heard many of those attending AMY'S HOPE talking about what an inspiration that you are to them. Of course, I had to agree with all the good things they were saying about you :) I'm sure you enjoy having Grandma there with you just as much as she treasures those days with you. Remember that our love and prayers continue. Tell Michael hello.

  4. Yay for your release from the hospital tomorrow! I hope you can at least be out for a little while and maybe get outside and sit on your porch or something and enjoy this pretty weather while it lasts. Hope you are feeling well Amy! Sending love & prayers your way!