Friday, May 29, 2009

So I got my new central line put in today. For those of you who don't know what that is it's basically a permanent IV - it's a tube that comes out of my chest that they can hook up to 3 things to. They can also draw blood from it so it keeps me from having to get stuck. So far it's not very sore at all so hopefully it stays that way. My lung test went better on Wednesday so the only thing they are changing is that they are going to shield my lungs a little more during the radiation - they are not decreasing the dosage of the chemo like they thought they may have to do. This will kill off more of my bone marrow which makes the chance of relapse of the Leukemia smaller so I'm glad my lungs were strong enough to go ahead with the high dose chemo. I go in the hospital tomorrow at 8 am and start the chemo. These last few weeks have been great out of the hospital and I can definitely say I'm ready for this!
Also I want to send out a thank you to Ashley Haggerty and everyone who helped at the bake sale. She also has more of the ribbon magnets for $5.00 each - you can email her at if you would like one. Here is a picture (they're actually orange):


  1. We'll be thinking of you as you go in tomorrow to begin this next step in the process. Glad you've had a good week. It's always good to read each post from you. I'll be checking in daily. May God give you a good night's rest. Love you!

  2. We are thinking of you and praying for you as you start this next process...stay strong and positive and know that there are lots and lots of people who love you and are such an inspiration to us all!!!
    Love, hugs and prayers...Karen, Tim and Hollee

    PS:Hollee and the "girls from Lowmoor" played thier last softball game tonight-they lost 3-1 but they did something that no other softball team at AHS has done-played til the 3rd round of regionals-only the 1986 team had won a 1st round game its been pretty special for them the baseball team won tonight also so her prom date is iffy at this point-the ball players may make it back and be dressed in time for the grand march @7 but he aint gonna get that steak dinner that Tim was gonna make for them!!!

  3. Amy,
    I hope that this first day back in the hospital wasn't so bad. I was sooo glad to read that you "are ready" for this next/final round :) of chemo/radiation. Keep up that 'go get em' spirit!!! Also...Daddy got to meet the dogs at the Webb house the other day :) Heard that don't like cats :) With love and prayers, Kate, Keith, Maddi and Carson