Saturday, May 2, 2009

So we're still in the hospital. I keep spiking fevers even though my bloodcounts are up so the next step to find the source of the infection is to take out my central line. They will put a PICC line in my arm today and take out the central line tomorrow. Hopefully the infection is in the line and this will take care of my fevers. I'm not excited about having to have a new central line put in, but it's the next step and hopefully it will make me feel better. They're still trying to get me home for a few days before the transplant process starts.


  1. Welllll, there you are still in the hospital, and here we are, still checking on you and making sure Our Brave Little Lady is hanging in there. A few little side steps off of the path, but we all know you will be dancing and kicking up your heels soon enough :) You KNOW how I love dancing .....Just ask Michael :)
    Amy , our prayers still abound for you. Hang tough and keep that wonderful smile working.
    Love you!

  2. We were so hoping you would be able to get out of the hospital tomorrow but hope taking that line out will get that temp. down to stay and get you out at least by Monday. We know you want to have a few days out of the hospital and are sure Michael would love to have you home a few days. Keep on fighting and we'll keep praying you get home Monday.
    Tell Mom, Dad and Michael hello for us.
    We love you,
    Tommy and Patty

  3. It sounds like they like you being in the hospital. I think you brighten up the floor. I know you are a bright spot for everyone, there and here, and we all know you will soon be out and sharing your loving personality with all. Just hang in there, enjoy the TLC, Michael will have his turn later, when you get back to IN. He has pampered you, and you will have to return the favor to him...he deserves it! I love you! Grandma

  4. Hey Amy, hate to hear that you are still having these pesky fevers! I hope the central line removal will kick the fevers, if so then hopefully you can get out of the hospital for a few days before your transplant. I'm still thinking of you daily and praying at least once a day for you, sometimes more if I can. I appreciate your dad's email updates and your's as well on the blog. Hang in there, you are doing awesome! Everyone is so proud of how you've handled the bad hand you've been dealt! God answers prayers (i know i say that all the time), and he will make you better :) Love & prayers!

  5. heeeyy, ive had a picc line for a month. the drugs they give you to undergo the procedure are um, fantastic. the picc line is a pain in the ass, im eating through it right now as we speak.

    anyway, have been following your blog for awhile and you are in my thoughts and I'm wishing the best for you! You will pull through this =) and come out on the other side the toughest B*tch the eastern coast has yet to see.