Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hi everyone. It has been a good week for me. Most days I have felt good and gotten out to clinic or someplace else. Mouth sores are still a problem - they do not seem to be getting any better so eating is hard and taking pills is especially hard. My cough/congestion seem to be going away though!!! They were scared that the congestion was caused by Leukemia in my lungs, but if it's clearing up that must not be the case.

I've had two doses of cytarabine with no side effects so far and my white count was 2.8 yesterday. To explain a little (I am a teacher at heart - feel free to skip the rest of this paragraph) This is lower than a normal white count should be but for someone with Leukemia it's good, because a high percentage of these white cells are cancer cells. Cancer (in any form) is fast growing immature cells and in Leukemia's case one has fast growing immature cells in the bone marrow that produce BAD white cells (called blast) that don't work to fight infection. So the fact that my white count is low shows the bone marrow is not producing those cells that fast. However, the bone marrow is not producing good cells either. (blah, blah, blah...)

So we'll continue with the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule at the clinic where I get my chemo and most likely a bag of platelets. We're also going to add some other drug at some point - we're waiting on my new insurance card to apply because on top of all of this I had to change my insurance to North Carolina's "High Risk Pool". I tell you this because I can't tell you how helpful my mom has been at dealing with this and the other insurance company... She's handled it all. Anyway I can't thank her enough!!! And on top of that she takes care of me while Michael goes to school.

Hope you all are well and enjoying your summer - pray my mouth sores go away!
Thanks, Amy


  1. Wow! It is great that you are having a great week. We will pray for the mouth sores to disappear. You will be a fantastic teacher, except for the blah, blah, blah part! Although that is probably what the students hear whenever I try to bestow knowledge upon them. Tell your mom she is awesome. She was a super teacher. Ask her if she remembers the three ships that sailed to America, particulary what one guy wrote when he couldn't remember one of the names! If you need anything, let me know. I still have enough summer left for road trips!

  2. we definitely will pray for those mouth sore to go away! good to hear such positive things, amazed how great you are handling everything. your mom is doing a great job with
    the insurance and caring for you. i get very frustrated over the simplet insurance issues, so i cannot imagine dealing with what yall must
    to through. keep up the good results, and hope
    this new medicine will improve things even more.
    we love you, genie and eddie

  3. sorry for all the typos, i should have "previewed" my comment, oh well!!


  4. We will pray for the mouth sores to go away. Glad to hear that the cough and congestion has lessened, and the count is still "good". Thank you Lord! Moms are a blessing and you have a special one for sure. Give her a hug for me. Love you very much. Rest assured we are ever praying and thinking of you.

  5. What a nice change in your blog, so much easier to read. And, what an uplifting and encouraging update today. You continue to amaze your grandma!! I am so happy things are going so well for you on this new chemo, and as we bombard heaven's doors with prayer, I am sure those mouth sores will go away. I smiled with your loving comments about your special mom, I know how much time she has spent on working with those insurance and pharmaceutical companies. So, I guess it is only natural that you amaze me, you have an amazing mom! What she can't do, Michael can. Love you all so much.

  6. Love your new wall paper in this blog. It is bright and cheerful, hopefully the way you are feeling. You seem peppy in your writing. Glad the white blood count is down. I guess the doctors are giving something to combat the lack of good white cells that you don't have. I will continue to pray for you especially the mouth sores and cooperative insurance.
    Loved in Clifton Forge

  7. Hi Amy,
    Will definitely pray that those mouth sores go away and I know it will be in His time, but, hopefully soon. You have dealt with those things long enough! Continue to have a great week; you sound so great!! Heard about your little spill today. Guess we can't rename you Amy "Grace" anytime soon - LOL! Seriously, so glad your fall was no worse than it was and you are OK. So sorry it ruined what looked to be a great day! Be careful because you are precious merchandise . . . Love you, Little Girl! <3<3 Your Aunt Robbie

  8. Amy! It's so good to hear from you! So good to know you are feeling well this week. You are beyond an inspiration and we truly love the new veiw you've added to your page. Hopefully the mouth sores will start to clear up soon and you can resume eating the foods that make you happy. Love and Hugs your way from the ANGLES :)

  9. Yes you are..... Forever the teacher... both in words and actions. You have educated us medically with your explanations. Greater than that is your spirit teaching through your actions and attitudes. We continue to send prayers heavenward. Love and BIG HUGS go to Durham.
    God is good, ALL THE TIME!
    Love you, Pretty lady,

  10. dear amy,
    you are tooooooooooooooo kind.........honestly, i can't take all the credit for your recent improvements......yes, the smuck i gave your forehead back in may was a potent smuck with time delayed top secret cancer fighting lip balm but you, your mom and dad, micheal, grandma, genie and eddie, lassie and lil hulk, mary beth and company, the duke medical staff, and all the folks that love ya had a pretty big hand in it as well.....and of course; we wouldn't even be having this conversation without Howard's involvement.......so keep up the good fight girlfriend and don't forget....somebody in south carolina loves ya bunches!!!!!!!!!!

  11. good morning my little smiling 'teacher/student.' i love your bright wallpaper and also your teaching moments. i too am a teacher at heart always, but also a student b/c am known as the question asker so i really appreciate your 'lessons.' you will be able to write a medical journal when you finish with all of this :). i will pray hard for your mouth sores to heal so you can enjoy a big old steak!!! love you honey. god bless. jane

  12. So glad to hear that the coughing & congestion have recently improved and the white count is done. Also glad to hear that you spoke up to make your goal clear to the medial staff - remission continues to be our prayer. Your attitude is amazing and such a grand example for others! Love Ya