Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Everyone! I'm still on the IV antibiotic that I carry around and have only forgotten that I'm attached to it a few times. This means I have to go to clinic everyday for them to give me a new bag and reset the pump which doesn't take long. However, Tuesday I had a nosebleed and had to stay for platelets as well. They do blood work on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's so I almost always have to stick around for platelets and sometimes red blood cells.

As far as the mouth sores my mouth feels much better, but my tongue and throat are still causing problems. I still cannot talk and eating/drinking is pretty difficult but we're being creative and making it work. Banana popsicles are my life saver! I mentioned before that the mucositis also makes you produce lots of thick mucous and fluids in your throat/sinuses/chest so I'm still dealing with the cough and all the fluids I cough up (okay, I'm getting too gross I will not go into any more details). With my white count being so low they say this is just going to take a long time to heal. Like I said we're making it work with eating but I still have to worry about my weight dropping and have to try to get in as many calories as I can (never thought I would have to do that).

After all this complaining, I still think I feel good. I feel like going out and doing things. We went to the grocery store Monday and the mall Tuesday and those were the highlights of my day! Not being able to talk makes that complicated but I carry around my notepad to talk to mom and Michael. In addition, my legs are still very weak. Going up the stairs is a challenge, but I'm working on it. So overall, I think things are improving, just slowly.

As far as the new drug (Revlimid) we have a few more paperwork things to do and then they will mail it directly to me. So we're hoping to get it sometime next week. Since my white count is staying down they're not really worried about the delay in getting the drug.

Hope you all are having a good week,


  1. Hi Amy, It is good to hear from you and so happy you are getting out more and more! I, of course, have been getting lots of info from your Grandma, as always, to keep a check on you. I hope you enjoy your visit with her. She certainly was a Blessing to me to be here these last few days. I regretted seeing her go today but was very happy to share her with you! Thank you for your well wishes for me this week; very thoughtful of you. Always here for you and love you bunches, Your Aunt Robbie

  2. Hi Amy, I'm at the hotel now, using their computer, wanted to read your blog before going to bed. It was so good to see you today, and I'm looking forward to spending most of tomorrow with you. It was good to see you eating this evening, and yes, you do need calories to try to keep from losing more weight. You are amazing and I know that God is keeping you here for a reason. You just hang in there, He has a job for you to do. I love you...

  3. Hang in there, Amy! And we will do our part in supporting you in prayer! I know God is carrying you through this time.
    God's blessings to you & Michael and your parents!

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    so glad to hear of your improving status....... is there anything from this end that will assist you in your speedy recovery???
    books, power tools, music, hula hoops, etc...
    i'm sure you are just anxiously waiting for monday with the rest of the world for the return of HOKIE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    gotta run......

    hugs and kisses to yall from south carolina

  5. Wow. I love to read David R.'s comments. He's right about the mother thing. Oops, maybe a schoolteacher shouldn't say that!

    I'd love to send you some of my excess pounds! Sure would make my weight loss go a lot faster. Andrew and I are home today. He got sick at school yesterday, so we had to come home early. He isn't too thrilled about the whole school thing and says that since he got sick, he's not going back anymore. I hope he will adjust soon!

  6. hey honey. so love your blogs - love hearing all of the medical 'stuff' - i watch er mysteries etc all the time so dont think it is gross. i wish we could mail banana pops to you - if there is anything else that would help let us know. do you like books on tape? i do those in the car all the time but thought maybe it would help while away some idle time. and by the way, GO HOKIES!!! you knew i had to get that in. love you much and hang in there sweet girl. jane

  7. Glad to hear you've been able to get out some. And the white count staying down is answered prayer. Thanks for keeping us "in the loop". There are lots of prayers continuously being offered up on your behalf. You are loved!

  8. dear amy,

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  10. Hi Amy and all and Happy Labor Day weekend!

    It is sure good to hear that there is some improvement in the mouth-and that the counts are good and drugs are on the way!!

    Phyllis is always right on point-you are doing an amazing job-your will and spirit is a testimony for us all-God IS holding all of you very close-

    Lots of love to you all-beaming lots of positive thoughts and prayers form Alabama!!


  11. I'm almost afraid to be anonymous now because there are sooooo many. And they all sound like that David guy. Quite a character he is, too too funny.
    It is always good to hear from you - the good and the bad. In your bad struggles you inspire all of us and in your good times we enjoy celebrating with you. Because you do so much for us we wish we could do more to help you get through this.
    Do know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Loved in Clifton Forge