Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's been a good week here since I last updated. Things are improving just very, very slowly. My mouth sores/throat are improving. I even ate a grilled cheese yesterday! My biggest problem in the last few days is just all the fluids. I've had some sinus headaches (I assume that's what they are) because of this. We still have not received the Revlimid but we're told it should come in the mail sometime soon.

My next topic: David Richardson. He is my very entertaining cousin (2nd or 3rd or both, I don't know - the origins are West Virginia). I thought you all would enjoy this picture of him in Alaska:

So if you thought he was crazy before, you will really think he's crazy now. I have spoken to witnesses that this is not photoshopped, it's the real deal. (Sorry David - hope you don't mind my posting this pic)

Hope you all have a good labor day weekend,


  1. Hi Little One....(I can call you that because you really are little with your weight loss). I am so thankful to hear that those mouth/throat sores are improving. It has been slow, but at least it is encouraging. Things are getting better, God is still working on you, and that gives us hope and strengthens our faith. I love you....hi to Michael & Kathy, love them, too.....Grandma

  2. so glad you got to enjoy a grilled cheese! sounds very good compared to banana popsicles.
    i have that same picture of david, helps make
    you feel cooler just looking at that!! brrrr!
    so glad things are improving, keep on fighting
    it, you are amazing. give mom and michael a hug
    and keep up the good posts! love ya, genie and eddie

  3. Happy Labor Day weekend! We're just staying close to home and doing yardwork but thinking about coming your way one weekend very soon! So glad you had your grill cheese sandwich. Its close cousin is Mac & Cheese so who knows, maybe that will be next. I just had a frozen strawberry daiquiri which I know would feel wonderful on your sores and throat but probably not heartily endorsed by your doctors, huh?! Beautiful weekend finally in Carolina with low humidity. Fall is just around the corner, so here's to improved "eats", cooler weather, and many more fun outings for you and your family! Love you!............Lesa and Chesson gang

  4. Amy,

    We're praying for the quick arrival of the Revlimid and for complete success with it!

    God bless you.

    David & Candy

  5. i don't mind at all....its one of the better pictures of me ever taken...that one and the mug shot in juarez mexico...spring break 79..... football season has officially begun......gooooooo
    hokies......................... thats right......
    go home and change uniforms....i mean really?????
    when did black become a hokie color?????????????? critique these outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! red carpet status...booooooo
    ooooo!!!!!!!! at least blairs old mascot outfit is consistent with class!!!!!!!!!!! either way.......glad you are showing improvements.......get all better and i'll take ya polar bear swimmin up in alaska!!!!!!! it'll put goose bumps on your goose bumps and as forrest sez......that's all i got to say about that......hugs and kisses from sc

    anonymous over and out

  6. Hi Amy and family-

    I am eating a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today in your honor! I loved Davids pic-must have been very chilly-there have been days this summer when this would have been very appealing-

    I hope the meds arrive this week and we are all praying for success-your dad is sure right in his email about your strong spirit Amy-

    Keep taking it one day at a time, knowing how much God and all of us love you!!

    Love from all-


  7. dear amy,

    just thought i'd give you something else to think about new drugs?????
    are they here yet????? are they here yet?????
    are they here yet????? are they here yet?????
    are they here yet????? are they here yet?????
    are they here yet????? are they here yet?????
    are they here yet????? are they here yet?????
    are they here yet????? are they here yet????? are they here yet?????????????????????????????

    did i ever tell ya about the time we attempted to milk rattlesnakes as a boy scout fundraiser??
    we were tired of car washes, popcorn sales, candy bars, etc.etc.etc... so we decided.....we would milk rattlesnakes.....sounds interesting enough..... have you ever tried to milk a 6 foot rattlesnake that didn't want to be milked??
    it's "udderly impossible!!!" and he wasn't too happy about it either!!!!! we figured; he must have been a union rattler cause he just kept on striking and know it was about 3 months later that a local vet told us we were doing it seems you are supposed to milk the fangs and not the teets???
    that explains alot???? live and learn... kind of like the time we thought it would be fun to wear bacon thongs thru the dog park....i don't suggest you try this one....unless you can run a 40 yard dash in under 3 seconds.....alas; now that i have given you something else to think about......have a great day and remember...

  8. There has been something in the air this time of the year because so many people are having sinus problems these days. No fun that's for sure. After reading your comments the other day, a grill cheese sounded pretty good so I had my first one in quite awhile. Still haven't tried a banana popsicle yet but I'll have to keep my eye out for them. The frozen strawberry daiquiri sounds even better.
    I'm praying that the Revlimid gets there soon.
    Love the picture of David. Finally a picture to go with the character. Though the bacon thong in the park idea would have been interesting to see.
    You remain in my prayers. Several times through the day I will take a deep breath of good air and pray for good cells to enter your body and as I breath out that the bad cell leave. Do know that you are -
    Loved in Clifton Forge

  9. Hi Pretty Lady,
    I've been AWOL as far as writing recently but not in my thoughts and prayers for you. I am getting settled in with my new class this year... back in second grade so they are a little shorter than I am. Well most of them anyway :) Maddi loves school and that makes Mema very happy and feel very old.
    I will continue praying that your new drug arrives soon.
    Love and BIG HUGS!