Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hi Everyone! It has not been the best week here in Durham. They say "two steps forward and one step back" and this week I've definitely taken a step back. I really cannot tell if my mouth is improving or not but the main nuisance has been the cough and mucous it brings up with it. My throat is just raw from this. They say my lungs sound clear and it's all in my lower throat, which is good. However, I have been running a low grade fever off and on. Hopefully this congestion stuff is nothing more than mucositis, if not they will have to put me on stronger antibiotics.

Now for the answer to the million dollar questions "are they here yet?" YES
The Revlimid came Thursday so I've had 3 doses of it so far and haven't noticed any side effects yet.

Thanks for all of prayers and support, Amy

One final note:
JMU 21 Virginia Tech 16 - I have never been more proud to be a JMU Duke!


  1. How about those JMU Dukes!!!

    Good morning-that made headlines here for sure-as UA folks are watching Boise State very carefully-and this could appear that VT is not a very strong opponent-BUT Mayfield says JMU has a very good program

    I am sorry to hear that this throat stuff continues...wish they could improve that-I know you all do as well

    I am so glad to hear that the pills have made it to Durham!! and that you seem to be tolerating them well

    Hope school is going well for Michael-and I hope that it is getting a little cooler there-

    Well-the area is about to be invaded by the Bama nation-be careful!!

    LOve you all and need to plan a trip soon!


  2. I hope your temp is staying down now. I can't believe how long you have had to put up with that sore throat. It should make all the rest of us not complain so much when we have a little bout with it. You put us to shame. Just praying things will very soon ease up for you and that the Revlimid will do the intended job. Love you much!

  3. hope the new meds do their job! we are very
    proud of your JMU team, loved it! looks like
    they will have a great year. praying that
    the throat starts clearing up soon. we are
    back from out trip, and the mountains look so
    good! seems like things are cooling down some,
    hope fall is here. take care, we love you all
    genie and eddie

  4. Hi Amy,
    It's good to hear from you, Pretty Lady. I pray that the sore throat and cough improve greatly very soon. It's answered prayers that the Revlimid has arrived and with no side effects.
    I saw your Dad yesterday, and he was sporting a very nice "purple" shirt. I asked if he was celebrating with the JMU Dukes, and he just laughed. I am sure he was.
    Maddi sends her prayers and love to you.
    I'm sending love, prayers and BIG hugs!

  5. Hmmmmm....JMU versus Tech....Just lucky I guess!LOL

    Lauren is mortified, and I just don't mention it to Chris....

  6. I can read this at school, but not sign in to post a comment and I haven't been on the computer much at home lately. Glad the new drug has arrived and hoping for good results, and an improving throat. Know that you're always in our thoughts and our prayers. We love you! Hello to Mom and Michael.
    PS It was so good to see your Dad and Grandma at church tonight.

  7. dear durham folks,
    i sure am glad i announced to the world last friday that i was indeed a boise state fan!!!!! have been for about 5 years.....since they opened up their season at georgia several years ago....chris peterson is i think maybe the best coach in football today......why tennessee didn't go after him last season is beyond me.....he would fit in rather nicely with bama, lsu, florida and the university of south carolina.....or pehaps even the wahoos.....that coming out your chest girlfriend??????? we should probably check with blair and your doctor on this matter?????? in the mean time; i will check with the governor of tennessee ( a fellow named bill bingham).....if you went to jmu.......are you technically a duke or a duchess???????? either dear, congratulations on a big win against a team that will probably still win the acc......just thought of something.....did your sore throat start right after jmu whooooped vt and your neighbors called the police about all the noise coming out of your house??????????? hummmm???
    another thought.....if you were watching the big jmu-vt game and if you were in the spital for constipation instead of cancer......see where i'm going with this??????????????????
    goooooo dukeeeeeeeeeeee would take on a whole other meaning......i'll quit with that one....
    and remember.......sisclyb