Monday, August 23, 2010

So I still don't have much to update you on. My mouth sores are getting better but my throat and cough are about the same. My menu now pretty much consists of: fruity pebbles, chicken noodle soup, flan, egg custard pie, and of course banana popsicles. So hopefully my throat will clear up soon! Not that I'm complaining about any of these foods but some variety would be nice.

We had a clinic visit today and we will hopefully know something about the Revlimid on Wednesday. My white count is still staying around 1 with just the Hydrea. So again things are status quo.

Other than my mouth and cough I feel really good. The downside to feeling good is that I have no excuse not to walk on the treadmill. I am still very weak - it is hard to go up stairs. My legs just don't work very well and I need to work on that. (I can hear Katie Brown and all other Physical Therapy people giving me a lecture right now.)

Hope you all have a good week and ENJOY going back to school!


  1. It is good to hear that you are beginning to eat some yummy food. It sounds like everything is on the up swing. Your legs will improve as your strength builds back. We continue to pray for you and your family.
    Loved in Clifton Forge

  2. Okay, I admit I sometimes have an excuse or two that keep me off the treadmill. I'll lend you a couple if ya need them. But I am glad you're feeling better. We'll be waiting to hear the latest about the Revlimid after Wednesday's appointment. Almost feels like an early fall evening right now. Hope you're enjoying a break in the heat in Durham as well. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers 'cause we love you!

  3. I think we all need to walk on that treadmill some, at least I do. I read all the good reasons to exercise, but just don't obey very well. So glad you are coping with the throat and hope very soon to hear that the mucous is cleared up and you are able to eat. Maybe it will soon be cool enough to walk outside some. You are doing you so much.

  4. Hi, Amy. We faithfully follow your blog and keep you and your family in our daily prayers. We have a treadmill in front of a big screen TV and still it is difficult to walk on the treadmill...feel like a hamster. I hope you get good news re: the Revlimid and so glad your mouth is getting better. Susie Ayers

  5. Lauren started back to school last night. She drives down to Concord Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday nights for classes 5:30-around 9:00 and will be going to clinicals at a hospital about 40 minutes away starting possibly as early as next week. Once she figures out what her weekly schedule might look like, she hopes to start looking for a job...part-time but enough to pay for cell phone bills/car insurance/etc.....Chris will be starting back with the Tech MBA program in a couple of weeks. When will Michael finish?