Monday, August 9, 2010

I got so much feedback from my last post (mainly through emails to my dad and comments from people) that maybe I SHOULD write more often. I just thought they were boring ramblings to keep some people up to date on my health. So anyway, I thought about writing about other things besides my health. I wrote one time about the movie Julie and Julia and how she blogged about cooking through Julia Child's cookbook. I'm working my way through a Sudoku book - so I definitely don't think that would be interesting to blog about. (It's called "Naked Sudoku" and is written by one of my former professors, Dr. Laura Taalman from JMU - the "naked" part is because the puzzle is blank to start and only has clues like less than, greater than, this colored set adds up to this number, etc. - you can buy it on Amazon -here - okay I'm done being a math nerd).

However, the main purpose is updating on my health, so here it goes. I'm recovering well from my fall. It took a toll on my left knee as it was hard to bend for a few days. My face still looks wonderful as well! My mouth sores are becoming the bigger problem. They are getting worse to the point that I may need to skip a dose of chemo this week to try to slow them down. Eating is kind of like taking medicine at this point I just try to get down as much as I can and be as nutritious as possible. If you know me, this is very stressful because I love food and wish it could be something to be enjoyed and not just a necessity. In addition talking is a little hard as well. My white count was 1.1 yesterday and I received both my chemo and platelets at the clinic, so this seems to be going on track.

Since I said I would write about other things I guess I should do that. (Men may skip this paragraph.) I love my wigs! I went a year or so without really wearing them but actually going to a store and buying ones that "fit" me has changed that. I have two that I wear regularly, one is short and straight and the other is long, a little wavy, and has bangs (which I have never had). It is a little bit of a change for me. After my face clears up some I'll have to give in and post pictures of me in them (that will make my grandmother happy).

Hope you are all having a good week and as always thanks for everything you do!


PS - I hope you are all enjoying some cupcakes this month, they sound absolutely delicious and I wish I could try each of them! (BIG Thanks to Sheila and Celia)


  1. Wow, that is a lot. I'm glad to hear it all. I loved the movie Julie and Julia. I'm not much of a cook but it made me wish I were. Writing in a blog is great. Especially since you can't talk much at this point, you can get it out of your system through words.

    I continue to pray for your health to be good and I know of many, many others doing the same.

    I like the idea of two wigs. You can go from flirty to sassy within minutes. I look forward to seeing the pictures.
    Loved in Clifton Forge

  2. I am so anxious to see those pictures. The one I saw looks so cute. I'm proud of you for eating regardless of those drated mouth sores. I can send you some custard, if you can eat it now. Also, I'll see that you get some of those delicious looking cup cakes. It is so nice of Sheila, Celia and Ashley for doing that. Kindness is all around us! I love you.

  3. We do enjoy hearing from you and check the blog regularly. I vote with Grandma for pictures of you in your new "hairdos". In this summer's heat, it would be refreshing to know you can just set it aside to cool down if you'd like. Sorry about the mouth sores 'cause I like my food , too. (I'll send more sour dough anytime you request.) And the cupcakes are delicious! So we're thanking God for the numbers staying down and asking for relief from the sores. You're always in our hearts, and prayers. We love you!

  4. good morning missy - and yes we love hearing trivia about you and what you are doing and your wigs and anything!!! so do not think you are boring, it is like a little conversation with you where you dont have to talk :) i hope your mouth sores clear up so you can in fact enjoy your food again. keep up with the 'trivia' of your day -- it makes us all feel closer to you. if you think of anything that we can send you that would make a day brightener for you - food, new sudoku book, 'bodice ripper' book (that was a genre one of my writing professors used :) )) anything. love you much and prayers are with you. jane

  5. I love to read how you are doing, Amy. And, the math stuff is great! You know math people love to talk about math. I hope the mouth sores get better. I know that must be awful. I love to eat, also, so I know how you must be suffering. And, I would love to see you in your wigs. You are cute as can be as you are, but I'll bet you are something in your wigs. Take care and keep blogging when you feel up to it! Mary Stalnaker

  6. Yay for this post! It was great to see your mom this weekend - she updated us on you and we chatted about lots of things. What a pleasure!

    I'm glad that you are enjoying your wigs - I bet you look BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to possibly see some pics.

    I hope the mouth sores at some point start to get better for you.

    Hope to see you sometime soon. Love you bunches!


  7. Hi Amy-
    and darn those old mouth sores...hope they can figure out something to help with this-

    I loved Julia and Julia-as you may not know when I married I could cook NOTHING-a special meal was Campbells tomato soup and grilled cheese-I thought that was gourmet-

    Once I went to work for these 3 women who were great cooks-one year aftre married-I became hooked-my first cookbook was Julia Child's Kitchen-and the 4 of us cooked our way through a lot of that book

    I am glad you are enjoying that Math book-sounds awful to me-bless anyone with math skills!

    I am so happy about your wigs-as I look back at photos one of mine was much better than my real hair has ever been-that was indeed one of the few fun things about this

    Take very good care and go away sores!!!!


  8. amy,

    i just came in from the local post office over here and saw a couple really good photos of you and blair.....yall were number #4 and #7 on this months, f.b.i. most wanted list....... congrats.....yall always make your family soooooooooo proud in everything you do.....
    maybe by labor can be #1 and #2...
    we'll keep our fingers crossed.....
    love always,