Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hi everyone. So there isn't much to update you on. Things have pretty much stayed status quo over the last few days. Unfortunately they haven't been the best days. My mouth sores continue to worsen. Eating and talking are very hard so I am back to my dry erase board of last summer. I probably will not take anymore cytarabine treatments and just wait on the other drug. Hopefully, I've reached the height of my sores and they will start to heal.

Much thanks for your prayers,


  1. I hope you are right about the sores starting to improve now. You've had them way too long. I hope your levels will stay where they are with the treatments and not cause any problems. Many, Many people are praying for a cure for those sores, and for remission and eventually a cure. We all love much.

  2. A dry erase board.... How much more "teacherish" can you get :) We are getting ready to start back to school tomorrow. Some of my students will probably wish YOU had MY dry erase board before the first week is over LOL
    We continue to pray for those mouth sores to heal quickly. Sending lots of love, prayers and HUGS to my Pretty Lady.

  3. dear amy,
    correct me if i'm wrong??????? you can not force down baked pears with cinnamon but you are attempting to swallow a dry eraser board?????
    hells bells darlin, i couldn't even swallow one of those.....what is your choice of side items???? let me guess......broken glass and perhaps a bicycle chain?????? a career opportunity is waiting for you as a side show freak with ringling bros, barnum, bailey, circus....wait a tic......lassie just explained to me that you might be using the blackboard to communicate with instead of trying to consume..


    have a better week this week and remember some half wit in south carolina loves ya bunches...


  4. Wish I had a home-made remedy that would help soothe the sores but I don't. Time heals and you have a lot of good people.
    We continue to pray for you.
    Loved in Clifton Forge

  5. Hope the sores are better today. Praying for them to "go away" and for you everyday. Just finished the annual Virginia Conference so that means it's time to gear up for another school year. The scent of new Crayolas is in the air. Sending you love and enough viritual hugs to share with Michael and Mom and Dad.