Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good news! I did get approval for the Revlimid from the drug company and insurance. It is a pill that will be shipped to me and we will hopefully get it sometime the beginning of next week (although it takes mail a long time to get here).

They also put me on IV antibiotics today to try to clear up my mouth/throat sores. I really haven't seen any improvement since my last post. I'm glad to be more proactive in trying to clear these things up. I have a little "take home" pump again that gives me the antibiotic 4 times a day through my central line. I just need to remember that I am attached to the pump! I've already forgotten once after only having it for about 3 hours.

Thanks for all of your prayers, cards, well wishes,...


  1. WoooooHOOOOO!!! Good News, Amy :) and The first day of school for Maddi was a success. She's even going back tomorrow LOL

    Prayers, love and HUGS continue always.

  2. SO glad to hear the good news! I was just checking in and wanted to say hello and that I love you!

  3. Hi, hope you can feel your Daddy's love......
    see you Friday evening.

  4. great news! hope the iv helps those sores quickly, feel better soon. maybe the meds will
    come priority, certainly should for you. have a good week, we love you, genie and eddie

  5. I love the good news! Hope that pump clears up your mouth and throat very soon. Your persistence is paying off and I love it, just like I love your updates. Thanks for keeping us informed. God is good! Love you!

  6. Good news indeed! We have had a very good start to this school year, but I am glad it's Friday. (I especially enjoy the hugs and kisses from Kylie!) The turn in the weather has certainly been wonderful. The cool evenings are just in time for the AHS/Covington game tonight. Hope the antibiotic has started curing those dratted mouth sores. We're praying for you, daily and many times throughout the day. Sending love your way. Hey to Mom and Michael!

  7. Surely those new pills will arrive quickly! Can't wait to hear good reports. By now I hope the mouth sores and throat are clearing up and giving you some relief. Been strolling on the treadmill? Tell the rest of the family hello. Keeping all in our prayers. Love Ya

  8. Hi Amy and all-

    I am happy to hear that they are trying something for the mouth and throat-you are such a trooper but I know this is wearing thin-I want you to eat!!

    And so happy they found the drug-hope you start soon-hope to visit soon-

    Lots of love and big hugs!