Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good afternoon! I apologize for being lazy in my blogging lately but I've been feeling really well since my last post and haven't had much to update on. My white count increased more quickly than they had hoped over the weekend so they started me on a pill form of chemo yesterday. I think this is the first time I've had a pill so I guess I'm just trying to get chemo in all possible forms. They say it is a very low dose and shouldn't have many side effects. I am also staying on the Hydrea to try to keep the Leukemia in check as well. We will see how this combination affects my white count/leukemia in the next couple of days. We are still having to come to clinic everyday because my body seems to be really going through platelets. I tend to need them almost everyday.

Michael made a last minute decision not to go to Utah Friday evening. He was not happy with the material he had to present so decided to hold off on it. Of course this makes his wife very happy to have him here with me but I also wish he could have gone as well.

Last night I started having some pain in my upper left leg and by this morning I could barely walk (I'm sure our neighbors got a laugh out of mom trying to get me to the car). So back on more pain medication I go. Again, clinic visits everyday do have the advantage of getting some IV pain medication to better control this. They think it is pain simply from the leukemia so I pray we can continue to keep this under control. As I have said before, I would much rather be in pain than feel "yucky" or nauseous. HOWEVER, other than this I have felt REALLY REALLY good for the last week or so.

Hope you all are well and thanks, thanks, thanks for everything!


  1. Hi there, you are so humble on your blog, just your personality. I do look daily for updates, but when it is not there from you or Kathy I know things are going along o.k. So happy for the way you have been feeling, so just live one day at a time. I hope that thigh/hip pain is just muscular and clears up soon.
    Love you so much, Grandma

  2. Hi Amy! Glad to hear you are feeling much better! It's funny because I've told my coworkers about you, and we all like to check in and read your blogs every week or so! You are such an inspiration!! Hope everything continues to go well!! :)

  3. Hi Amy and all-

    I am so glad to hear that in general you have been feeling good-you sure deserve that-I am sorry about the leg pain and hope they help you manage that-Actually it may be "safer" for you to have Kathy help walk you out-considering her skills with wheelchairs-just kidding my dear sister who deserves an honorary nursing degree i think!

    Hope and pray clinic goes well this week-

    LOts of love form Alabama!


  4. Donna Simpson NicelyMay 26, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    Your strength overwhelms me......thanks for taking the time to let all of us know what is going on.....Prayers and blessings from the heart! Donna Simpson Nicely

  5. Hi there, Amy...
    It's good to finally hear from you again, you lazy thing you :) I would have loved to have been one of those neighbors watching the two of you and laughing WITH you :)
    No, really... I'm very happy that you have had many GOOD days ....and with Michael.

    LOTS of Love, Prayers, and Hugs....

  6. I had to laugh. I can just see you and your mom getting into the car. You and your mom will have to start getting creative to really give the neighbors a show. Roller skates might help.
    I was watching CBS News tonight and they reported the importance of bone marrow registries. I thought about your doctor who said that this did little help. I'm still amazed that a doctor would say such a thing.
    Loved in Clifton Forge

  7. happy memorial day weekend to all the fine folks in durham.....we went on a journey over the worlds second most curviest road yesterday to franklin nc......we were on a gem finding quest.....we found rubies, sapphires, emeralds, citrine, and a whole lot of expensive north carolina dirt.....and one really huge tigers eye....the size of a fist.....we were going to finish off the day checking out the elk herd over here but missed our window of opportunity due to time......wish yall could have been with us.....it would have been a hoot......you could have rode in the back seat with me and we could have shared nausea stories.....you probably could whoop me on that subject matter with all your treatments..... after our too short visit to see yall.....we went on to the beach and found ohhhhhh about a thousand shark teeth.....
    can't wait for the docs over there to get you all better so i can show you the professional way to find these rascals.......i'm thinking this fall for sure......we can search out sharks teeth during the daytime and perhaps watch some ginnia tech foooootball at night....
    surely, somebody in the carribean has espn.....well, dear gotta run.....all our love and hugs.....hope to see ya real soon...
    yoprclisc and family

  8. hi honey. thank you for keeping us informed and also giving us wimps a comeuppance for complaining about anything!!! you are such an inspiration and i love you dearly. loved having your dad pop in for a surprise visit a couple of weeks ago. i am sure he gave you the hug i sent. love you and god bless. jane

  9. Amy,
    We're praying that the pain will cease, and that the chemo will bring more relief every day. What is so fantastic in all of this is that you Lord can bring complete healing. That's our daily prayer.
    Trusting Jesus,
    David & Candy

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