Monday, May 31, 2010

Has it been a whole week since I blogged?? I had to go back and read the previous post just to figure out where I had left off... s It looks like the pill form of chemo is doing something to keep the Leukemia in check. Dr. RizzierI started the chemo pill on Monday (5/24) and at that point my white count was 16/17ish. Today, my white blood cell count was 4 so that is encouraging. I've still been going to the clinic daily for IV antibiotics and I usually end up getting an infusion of platelets as well. My body seems to be really "eating through" them.

In pain news, I was pretty much immobile by Wednesday because of my upper left leg. Michael and my mom were having a lot of trouble getting me in and out of the apartment. They did a CT Scan of my left leg Thursday Morning. They determined that a lot of pain in my left leg was caused by fluid build up in that muscle, however there wasn't necessarily a "Sac" or large area of fluid that could be removed. They aren't really concerned about this and think it will clear up on is own (let's hope so). I think the thigh problem is better but over the weekend, the problem shifted to my calves. I had been getting some red splotches on my lower legs since Wednesday. These are now nice purple and red circles and my legs, ankles, and feet are extremely swollen. This is probably "Leukemia in the skin" or some type of infection. If is is Leukemia in the skin they can radiate

Mom bought a walker on Wednesday and Roberta and David brought down a wheelchair and walker this weekend (thanks!!). I'm getting around the apartment pretty well. Other than the calf pain feel well! Kelly, Christian and Adam also made the trip - any weekend when I get to see "my boys' Is a good weekend.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Amy,
    I am sorry that hear that you are in such pain. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope that you will be able to get around better soon.

    Rachel and Jamie

  2. Hi, Sounds like you are giving those doctors a good experience in a lot of things. I'm so happy the chemo pill is keeping your leukemia in check and I just hope all of the swelling and pain in your legs/hip soon are gone. The most encouraging thing is your attitude, we should all be so positive. Love you so much, Grandma

  3. I'm guessing that those entrance steps really are giving you a fit! As tiny as you are, I'm sure it is still so awkward...Is there an exit out the back using the wheelchair on the grass or is that ridiculous to manage as well? Hopefully you'll regain better use of them soon once the skin leukemia is resolved....

  4. Donna Simpson NicelyJune 2, 2010 at 11:38 AM

    You, in your weak state, continue to bless others....although your flesh is ill, your spirit is thriving! You truly are remarkable! Blessings, donna

  5. i saw a photo of an angel and her dad on the internet this weekend......if your mom had been in it too; it would have been udderly perfect!!!!
    get it????? to go along with your calf pains????
    yes, i know......time out for the planned one at the north pole again.....thats ok.....i can chill out in my ig-moooooooooo!!!!!!! as forrest's mom sez, stupid is as stupid does!!!!!!! love you guys.......oooops...i mean yall......have a great really was a great photo.........all you hippies with your long hair and all that......

  6. Hello Amy! I am sorry to hear your legs are going through so much pain but it seems like there are plenty of people there to get you better! Keep strong and I'm always thinking about you! xoxo

  7. Amy,
    Us poeple here on Nicelytown are loving on you...even though we aren't there I hope you can feel it. :) My girls want you to know that you are their girl. :) What a role model I must say. Sending lots of love your way.
    The Angles

  8. Donna Simpson NicelyJune 5, 2010 at 12:35 AM

    Amy, wanted you to know that prayers are being lifted as I type...prayers for God to be ever near and comfort you.......blessings, donna


  10. happy birthday dear amy. i loved the picture of you and your dad - he was hoping you would allow that!!! sorry i didnt know in time to get a card to you on the day of but he says you read your blog comments all the time so this will suffice for now i hope. i also hope your special day is in fact special in that you are pain free. i understand some more family is coming in. just realize we are all here praying and cheering for you. did you see the movie 'labrynth' ? it was one my kids loved and i showed to classes whenever i got a chance and we use it all the time amongst ourselves to say -- we are here in the closet sarah - say the words!!! if you saw it you know the little critters are there waiting in the closet to come back to life and help sarah - think of all of us that way. god bless, and love you much. jane newkirk

  11. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you are having a good day, sounds like you have some good company, so enjoy the visit. hope your day is short at clinic, so you have time to enjoy the rest of the day. love you, genie and eddie

  12. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know some of your favorite people are there pampering you, so just enjoy every minute of it. Michael is so suspicious, he is making you wait on part of your gifts, so that makes it last longer. There are ways to get around obstacles, and he seems to find the way. Have a great evening, I love you. Grandma PV

  13. Donna Simpson NicelyJune 6, 2010 at 5:59 PM

    We should all celebrate this day.....Amy, God was generous in His good works when He created you!

  14. Amy,
    Wishing you a happy and pain free day. Enjoy your Special Day. What an inpiration you are.
    Much Love & Many Prayers,
    Bobbie & Wayne