Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi everyone! I've had a good week so far. The doctors switched me off of IV antibiotics but I still need to go to the clinic everyday because I seem to be "eating through" platelets. I'm hoping they will give me a good dose of platelets tomorrow and let me have Saturday off. My blood pressure has also been high so they are starting me on a blood pressure medication today. I've been feeling really good this week! I've slept a lot and a lot is still a blur to me though.

Dr. Rizzieri is considering doing another round of Vidaza/Mylotarg chemo next week since my Leukemia did respond to it some. This time they would give me the Vidaza through an IV drip instead of shots since the injection sites became really sore. I've also heard from doctors/nurses and the side effects of the Mylotarg are smaller with subsequent treatments (although I really didn't have any side effects with the exception of some fever/chills). The plan is to do this all outpatient.

Michael's big Mass Spec conference starts Sunday in Salt Lake City so he will fly out Saturday and be back next Friday. Pray for safe travels for him. He loves these conferences and really takes the chance to learn what's new in the field. I admire people who find careers that they enjoy instead of just something to pay the bills and I think he is definitely on his way to that type of career. I think he will also enjoy seeing some of our friends from Purdue.

As I always, I appreciate all the prayers, cards, happy thoughts, messages, etc. from each of you!

PS - Happy Birthday to my dad!


  1. So good to see good news. hope you keep feeling well. good luck to Michael! Happy Birthday to Greg, those May birthdays are pretty
    special, lol!! thanks for the update, have a good Friday, see you soon. love you, genie

  2. You sound so good, PTL. Tell Michael I have been praying for him, and that I love him. Also, hope your dad has a happy birthday, he has been busy today, so I did not see him. I am so excited that you have had a good week, just hope the next series of chemo will kick those leukemia cells out of your body. I love you! Hi to Kathy, too.

  3. Glad you are sounding so good! Mark was in the Utah desert the other week and said it was pretty amazing. Hope you continue to feel well.

  4. Great to hear you've had a good week. Lots of sleep is probably exactly what you needed. This rainy weekend is giving me a chance to do some spring cleaning and baking. I love being home, too. So I hope you can continue to take your treatments and meds as an outpatient. As always, you are very much in our thoughts and prayers...'cause we love ya!

  5. Hey Pretty Lady,
    It is so good to hear you sounding so good. I pray that goodness continues :) Being home surely helps. I have a couple of busy weeks coming up with SOL testing :( and awaiting the arrival of Miss Alli.

    Sending prayers for Michael's safe travel today and his return Friday.
    Give a hug and my love to your mom and dad.
    Love, prayers, and HUGS!