Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hi everyone!

It's been so touching to hear all the stories about the prayer time for me. I still feel so blessed to have you all supporting me. I only wish I could see you all more often.

I decided not to take my last treatment of STA-9090 on Friday. The side effects have been building up and I wanted a break from it. The doctors were fine with this as well. As of now I'm going to stay on a Tuesday/Friday schedule for clinic visits. They have not put me on Hydrea yet, they are going to continue to watch my counts and when they get too high or start to rise more rapidly that's when we will start Hydrea. The drug only works temporarily so they want to wait as long as possible before using it. This will bridge the gap until the next clinical trial starts. We do not know when it will start just that the drug company is hoping to start it this month.

I've been very tired lately and sleeping a lot. I hope to travel to VA next weekend for Mother's Day so pray that I have enough strength and energy to do so.

Much love and thanks, Amy


  1. It always thrills me when I see a new update from you, and today makes me so-o-o-o happy. I hope it will be possible for you to come to VA, I promise to let you rest all you want and not tire you with a long visit. I also have been so blessed with all the comments and love shown since Thurs. night, what a closeness that was.
    "He's got the whole world in His hand, especially Amy". I love you...Grandma

  2. Well,I think that you'll be getting some more of that Carolina summer weather this week (aka humidity!)so I especially hope that you can make it to VA next weekend and enjoy the mountain air and still blossoming trees! Will be thinking of you this week as you try to rest up....

  3. HI Amy,
    Thanks for the update - we keep tracking your progress. You MUST be tired sometimes. Thinking of you! Much love, Suzanne and Chris

  4. Hope all the irises are still blooming for you this weekend. Your Mom and Dad have some beautiful varieties beside their house. Praying you'll feel better and stronger this week to make that trip back to good ole Alleghany County. We'll be reading here to keep up with the latest on your new clinical trial. Until then, we'll keep on talking to God about it and lifting you up. Love ya!

  5. Hi there Pretty Lady,
    I have been thinking about you today, and I just wanted you to know. I think it may have been my escape from the thoughts of my students having to take the SOL tests in 2 weeks. It has become pretty stressful when the teacher dreams that SHE is the one taking the tests. Problem is that everyone finished before I did, and I was just sitting there saying over and over,"I don't know any of this stuff!"
    SO..... I thank you for giving me a place to go to escape. :)
    Love and Prayers to you,