Friday, July 10, 2009

Yesterday's clinic visit was very long. My blood work showed that I needed both magnesium and potassium. The magnesium makes me very hot and just feel "yucky" so they have to run it very slow so we were there until around 4:00. They also put me on a very restrictive diet (sweet potatoes, cream of wheat, some bland cereals with lactose free milk, etc.) because they thought I may have graft versus host disease in my digestive system.

Today's visit was much better. I did not need any magnesium - this is the first day in weeks that this has been the case. The current rounding Dr. at the clinic (Dr. Sullivan) reviewed my chart in more detail and thinks that I do not have GvHD in my digestive system so he took me off the restrictive diet and put me on a high sodium diet since my sodium level is still low (which you can imagine is quite the opposite). So I am much happier with the foods I am being able to eat now.

They also did a bone marrow biopsy today and the results of this will tell us a lot about the success of the transplant. It will take a week or more to get the results but they will be able to tell how much of my bone marrow is donor cells and how much is my own leftover bone marrow. The goal is to be at least 80% donor cells so our fingers are crossed.



  1. Well, I am happy the restricted diet was lifted. You have had to watch what you eat for so long, I hope now you can enjoy what you want. I know those fresh grilled shrimp were good, Michael is a good cook.
    You sound good, so glad you had a good day. Your strength will soon return.
    Love you much.

  2. We're so glad today's visit went well. Happy eating! Just read on Elizabeth's site that she is heading back to Virginia. It's nice to read good things on both sites!
    We will pray for at LEAST 80% donor marrow! Good night, sweet girl.

  3. Hey Amy,
    You sound great!!! I am sure you are so glad to be off the restricted diet (Cream of Wheat YUCK) :) We too will keep our fingers crossed for the results of the marrow biopsy and LOTS of praying!! We love you and keep you close.
    Love and Prayers, Keith,Kate, Maddi and Carson

  4. Amy, So glad things are going better for you now and your visit to the clinic wasn't an all day thing. That restricted diet didn't sound to appetizing so, glad you didn't have to stay on it. I know you will be enjoying Michael's cooking much more. Hope you have your taste for food back by now since I know he's probably ready to do plenty of cooking for you. We'll be praying the bone marrow biopsy will be 80% donor cells.
    Love to all of you -

  5. Finally....I am able to get on here to check on you.....seems like forever, but I am so happy to catch up and find that things are going your are just an encouragement to all....thrilled that you are home and that your "food choice" is better and that you can enjoy!!!!..some good R&R along with some of your favorite foods will do wonders!!!!...I am excited to hear things are improving...Jerry and I keep you in our prayers everyday....and we think of you all the time...take care, Wanda & Jerry....:) love to all....

  6. Good news all around! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! That's so familiar we often take it for granted, but isn't it true!?! Glad you're feeling better and that you can eat more of what you want. I hear your husband is a wonderful cook. Tell him hello. We're praying for good results frm the marrow test. We love you!
    Brenda, Dale and family

  7. You go girl!!! Sounds like you have got it figured out.

  8. Sounds like you are doing well. Keep up the good work. You have a lot of folks in your corner. lg