Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Again, there's not much to report from here. I've had to get magnesium several times (I'm actually getting some right now) and that is never fun. The good news is they are giving me the day off tomorrow - they feel my levels will be high enough after this dose of magnesium that I will not need anything tomorrow. All the preliminary results from my bone marrow biopsy have been good but we're still waiting on the percent donor/me.

RETRACTION :) - before we left the clinic today some results from a couple of days ago came back and a bacteria had shown up in my urine. So this means I have to get an antibiotic by IV for 30 minutes for at least the next three days. So unfortunately I do not get to take tomorrow off... but hopefully a day off is in the near future.

Thanks, Amy


  1. Hooray! A holiday for you all, it's about time! I hope you will sleep in and enjoy your day off tomorrow. Reports sound good, so sure the % will be good also.
    Love you all,

  2. A day off is always a good thing! (Be sure to do something you really enjoy.) Let me know when your diet and taste buds are ready for more sour dough bread. As always, thnking of you with lots of love and prayers.

  3. That day off will be so appreciated when it does finally get here. Until then, we will continue to thank God for all the blessings he has already bestowed. You seem to be over the recent continuous nausea... You are HOME with Michael...and You have taught many of us the true meaning of strength.
    With Love and Prayers,

  4. We are so excited about your preliminary results from the recent bone marrow biopsy and we are agreeing with many other friends, family and even strangers that the remainder of the results will be so good they will amaze your doctors!
    Love YA

  5. Wonderful news about your biopsy!! Now one step at a time with those magnesium and potassium levels. Hopefully soon they will be where they are needed. We are still all amazed by your strength through all of this. You are truly amazing! We love you!
    Lee Anne, Billy and the girls

  6. Amy, havent been on for several days due to 2 little "sluggers"....right this second I am up before them and wanted to check on you....I am excited that things are going well for you...Haven't been in touch with Genie either...she is so good about keeping me up to date also...I am glad u r home and I know that is such a good feeling and that your taste buds are of my favorite foods is the "sweet potato"...but I like it with the butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and even the pecans.....I guess what I am saying by the time I get all that mixed in I have sweet potato with sugar, cinnamon and pecans!!!!....Hey I just want you to know, that Jerry and I are so thankful and happy that things are good for you and to let you know that you and your family are being kept in our prayers and thoughts .... you continue to remind me "that all things are possible through our Lord" and the faith and courage you have, has and does inspire every one you come in contact with and reads your story....Have a good day!....:) Wanda & Jerry.....