Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day +47

Everything is about the same. Still needing magnesium and potassium each day. Amy had some episodes of being light headed and dizzy over the last few days, but she did not have any last night. Talking to a few of the other patients in the clinic, they are having same problems Amy is having: very tired, bouts of nausea/vomiting, some light headed moments, needing magnesium daily and (one I find interesting) her feet and hands are very sensitive. Nurses say all of these are common. Still eating pretty bland, but throat and mouth do seem to be getting better.

Thank you for the cards you are sending, they are a highlight of each day.


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  1. Hi Amy and Kathy,
    We are just so heartened, relieved, and thankful that things are going so well. Not to say that many difficulties remain, and it must be very uncomfortable a lot of the time. We are thinking of you!
    Suzanne and Chris