Monday, July 27, 2009

Day +51

Amy is past the half way point of her first important 100 days. We still come to the Adult Bone Marrow Outpatient Clinic each day for Amy to get magnesium ( and potassium some days). We arrive at the clinic and they weight Amy, take her vitals, then we wait (which could be 5 minutes or an hour, we never know) for the nurses to come draw her blood for her labs. After they draw blood we wait about an hour for her lab results to come back. Then they hook a bag of fluids/magnesium ( and whatever else she needs) to her Hickman lines. Amy usually gets 4 grams of magnesium each day, which takes about 3 hours to run. Amy loves her Hickman line - she was not too sure about the Hickman the first time she had it put in, but it's great now. Amy's nausea has eased up and she has not been sick for several days ( I hope I have not "jinxed" it). She is having a low grade fever (99.0-99.6) off and on. The doctors don't do much until fever reaches 100.5 - then it is usually back to the hospital. We are extremely thankful that other than feeling tired all the time, Amy has been feeling better.

Hope everyone has a good week. Its hard to believe July is almost over.


  1. Amy and Kathy,

    I am praying for God to give both of you his strength and encouraging cheer each day! And of course continued healing for you, Amy! Hang in there, both of you, with God's help!
    Love in Christ,

  2. Hey,
    I miss being with you. I so enjoyed my time with you last week. Things are going so well for you, even though sometimes I know it does not seem so. I am hoping something will happen to let you skip some days at the clinic. Just hang in there and keep smiling, Dr. C likes that smile!
    Love you much.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Over halfway through this difficult part of the journey... and the results sound so promising. I know you enjoyed having Grandma there last week. When we stopped in Lafayette, I knew we were close to the Purdue campus, but I didn't know Michael was there at that time. Your cornfields are nice and BIG, but I am glad to be back in our mountains. :) OH... Brenda and I went parasailing last week. I KNOW... you will need to see pics :)
    Prayers and love continue being sent your way.
    Love you,