Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two posts in one day - this means we have something important to tell you. We got the percentages back from the bone marrow biopsy. There is a 2% margin of error in this test so the lowest it can be is 2% and the highest it can be is 98%. They break down the marrow into two categories and measure the percentage donor in each category. I don't completely understand the categories but in one category I was 92% donor and in the other I was the full 98% donor. So these are absolutely excellent numbers and I feel comfortable now saying that the transplant was successful.

Hope this good news finds you well,


  1. This good news actually finds me jubilant! All I could say was "Thank you God". I realize you are still fighting complications, but with a successful transplant you are well on the road to recovery. You just hang in there and keep fighting, you will be the victor. So many blessings. So much to be thankful for.
    I love you, and will see you soon,

  2. Best news ever!! You must be so excited. Thank God for the donor and doctors. Go out and celebrate, you deserve it. We love you all and keep up the good work, Genie and Eddie

  3. Amy Lucy, Hello little one. Kelly came down in the yard and interrupted my grass mowing to give me the good news. My heart is filled with joy as I know yours and many more are. And I will also say, I was expecting nothing less. I know in my many times that I lifted you up in prayer Gods presence assured me that He was in control. And as thankful as I am for all of your outstanding doctors, nurses, and everyone else who has played a part in your treatment, you aren't where you are today without Gods pressence intervening in your life. I am so thankful to Him. Im also very proud of you. None of us out here keeping up with you on the blog can truly get the grip of all you have been through, but your strenghth and attitude has been nothing less than amazing. You take care and we will be talking to you soon. Love You!!! CHRIS

  4. Amy,
    I am thrilled with your wonderful news!! It is wonderful to see God answering so many prayers. You are truly an inspiration with your strength and attitude with all you have been thru. I know that prayers will continue to be answered and that you will be better than ever! Take care.
    Debbie (your cousin)

  5. God is so good! This is great news, Amy. We are giving thankful prayers today from Layfayette, IN :)
    We love you!

  6. Amy,
    THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Mama called from Layfayette, IN to tell me to go and check the blog :) You continue to be blessed as we continue to lift you up!! With Lots of Love and Prayers....Keith, Kate, Maddi and Carson

  7. Amy,
    This is the "Most Wonderful Thing"! I love you and am so happy for you and for all of us, Your Family! What a relief! I will continue to hold you up in prayer. Sleep peacefully tonight with this wonderful news, Sweet Girl. "Thank you, God." Love, Aunt Robbie

  8. Amy this is absolutely AWSOME news!!! And again you are truly amazing. We have been in Salem since 9am playing softball, the last game was a nail biter...almost lost it in the top of the last inning but ended up winning it in the bottom...but that was not nearly as exciting as your news. Cindy texted and told me I needed to read the blog as soon as we got home and that the news was great. Stay strong, love to each of you...Karen, Tim & Hollee


    Hi Amy and all-this is such wonderful news-as Chris said not unexpected becuase of all God's blessings in this but it still brings such joy-as I told Kathy yesterday I was expecting something in the 90s as you have always made A's!!! And this may be your greatest "A" ever-

    You set a good example for all of us with your strength and courage-all of you do-

    I hope you have a marvelous Sunday-thank God for so many blessings

    love to all-

  10. Hallelujah!! I'm late joining the party because I've been camping with about 25 doing a youth bible school at Lake Moomaw. Heard some great testimonies from a couple of our guest speakers and thought of you often. As others have already said, your victory with those high percentages is not unexpected but so totally wonderful to have medically confirmed. We'll continue to encourage all to keep the prayers flowing.

  11. Yeah Amy! Keep the great attitude going!

  12. That is terrific Amy. It took me almost 17 months to finally convert to 100% donor. The potassium and magnesium depletion will start to diminish soon. I assume you are also getting the IVIG globulin infusions too. Those take quite a while to infuse. It takes a long time to get your immune system back. I still haven't finished getting all my baby shots yet. In Septiember I will get my measles/mumps/rubella vaccine. Then I can start Kindergarten. LOL.
    Hope I don't get autism.......