Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So as you may have noticed I have really enjoyed blogging lately. I've even started thinking of myself as a "blogger" and not just an "updater". Maybe a book is next (that may happen when pigs fly). Actually after 18 months of constant medical care I probably could write a book.

So for the "updater" part of this post - I had to skip my dose of chemo today because my mouth sores were so bad. I will probably have to skip Friday's as well. However, my white count was down to 0.7 and hopefully the Hydrea will keep it down and until my mouth sores clear up some and I can get on the "other drug". This is the drug we had to apply for and it does not have the side effect of mouth sores. I call it the "other drug" because I don't remember its name and don't understand completely what applying for it means but I have been told we will be approved. I've gained enough trust in Dr. Rizzieri and Therese that I trust them to put me on the appropriate drugs.

For the "blogger" part of the post I thought I would write about a weird side effect of the oral chemo pill I took a while back (Etoposide). It actually darkens your skin tone which gave me a tan. So I have enjoyed a nice unearned tan so far this summer. However it is now pealing like a sunburn and I am turning back into my very white self. This may remind you of the late great Michael Jackson. It is interesting to me that chemo is not just about nausea, vomiting, and losing your hair like they show in movies or on TV. I'm sure many of you who have had the misfortune of having cancer can identify with this. I do look at the positives of chemo as well - I have wigs that look better than my real hair, I've lost weight, and I have a nice tan.

As always, thanks for following me, praying for me, and everything you do,


  1. I sure hope the mouth sores get better. Hopefully the new medicine will help with that. What a trouper you are. I admire you so much. Keep up the good attitude! God is using you to bless so many people. You are remarkable. Mary Stalnaker

  2. Welcome back to Snow White Land. I have missed you :)

    Love to you, Pretty Lady, and sending BIG "ivory" Hugs LOL


  3. Great to hear from you again so soon. Those of us who freckle and peel can appreciate a nice shade of tan. :) Your upbeat attitude is always a day brightener for me, and everyone else who is following your blog. Bet that is a side effect the doctors haven't listed. Love you and I'm praying....

  4. I'm just glad you didn't get your tan from the tanning bed, that could turn out bad. Now you are just like a lot of us, tan-less. So glad you are getting a reprieve from the chemo, hope those sores will improve, and hope the new chemo comes really soon. Oat just picked up my cup cakes, look delicious! Have a good weekend.
    I love you.

  5. That's Pat & Punky just picked up the cup cakes!!

  6. Hey Sweetie,
    Today is Friday 13th, and I am not superstitious. In fact 13 is my lucky number. But, I heard your mouth sores were especially bad this morning, so I hope it is because it is the 13th, and that tomorrow they will begin to feel better. If I could take them away, I would have done it before now, but all I can do is wish and pray for a better day for you.
    I love you!