Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Afternoon. I got my second treatment this morning. All went well and I didn't have to have all the pesky EKGs during it like the first time. I also received some platelets and potassium today. I really haven't had any side effects from the new drug yet. I've had some nausea but that usually corresponds with taking my antibiotic (cipro). I'm still very tired but I think that is getting better as well. I have to go back for a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow. This is part of the protocol of the trial to keep track of everything.

It was nice to have the weekend off to rest. Joleen, John, Teagan, and Phyllis (W.) came down yesterday. We had a wonderful visit and Teagan entertained us all rolling all over the living room. Who needs to crawl when you can get there rolling?

As always, much thanks!


  1. sounds like you did good today. good luck with the test tomorrow! glad you had some company yesterday, does sound entertaining.
    i agree, why walk, when we can roll-lol!! have a good evening, talk to yall soon.
    love ya, genie and eddie

  2. There are some days when I would like to roll places too. What freedom to just be herself! We can learn so much from those little ones. She is a cutie, isn't she? I'm glad you had those visitors, and I'm sure they enjoyed seeing you just as much.
    I'm happy you have had NO effects from these treatments. An answer to prayers. God IS good!

    Love, Hugs,and Prayers to a beautiful lady...

  3. Nice to see an update and such a positive one, as usual! I'm so happy you are not having any side effects from the drug and it sounds good that you didn't have to have red blood cells again today. Hope that BMB tomorrow will show a lot of improvement(towards our miracle)! It's so exciting when things are going so well for you. Love you bunches, Grandma

  4. Good to hear today's treatment went well. Hope tomorrow's test is an "easy" one with good results. What a treat to have that little ray of sunshine, Teagan, to brighten your day on Monday. I read Isaiah 58:8&9 today and prayed it again for you. As always I close with love and many prayers,

  5. Will be thinking of you today....and glad that you're not getting awful side effects from current treatment.New puppy in the Chesson household-chocolate lab. Too cute, really smart for such a tiny stink pot, and getting more and more active by the day. One look at my face and the dark circles under my eyes will let anyone know that the puppy is doing fine....Named her Shaylen....Shay for short...Figured people might not know how to pronounce it if she wrote it as Shea.....You take care today. Will be glad to know you're back home this evening and that it's over.....Love you....Lesa

  6. Well, we hope yesterdays test went well for you and you had someone that was able to do it without having trouble. Glad to hear you aren't having any side effects from the treatments and hope that will continue. The only one we want it to have, is the one we're all praying for, that it puts you in remission. It's good to hear you are getting some time off from the clinic and are up to having company. Hope you're having a good day today. Give everyone our love. Take care.

    Love you, Patty

  7. We were at Duke Thursday with Candy's dad who will have his 2nd bladder cancer surgery in 2 weeks. Patients come to Duke from all over the world, and in big numbers. What an outstanding medical institution. We were thinking of you as we waited to see the doctor. Rest assured with confidence that our prayers are ongoing, knowing that remission and healing are just around the corner! Our love in Christ, David & Candy

  8. Hi Amy and all-

    Hope today was a good day for you and that you continue to feel stronger-Big prayers for the treatment and you all!

    Also I hope you can get it scheduled so you can go to the clinic less often-that has to be so tiring-

    It is actually sunny and warm here today-quite a change-ALABAMA is watching over you-

    love to all-

  9. Hey Amy, so glad to c u on here....I know you r tired...however it sounds like u r doing well and we are so thankful....u have such a positive attitude...I can't pass this opportunity up though,..... If I see Genie "rolling" instead of walking,well ??????...couldn't resist...U take care and luv to all....Wanda and Jerry....:)

  10. Hey Amy,
    Glad to see that you aren't having as many ill effects from the trial drugs. My prayer is that the tests came back better than before!! I actually have another close friend in a trial study for pancreatic cancer at Duke on Tuesdays. She too had her 2nd day of treatment this past Tuesday. I told her she should look you up one day. Lots of love and prayers, Keith, Kate, Maddi, Carson and......(either Alli or Owen but looks more like it is going to be an Alli) :)