Thursday, June 4, 2009

So one more radiation treatment to go in the morning and then the big day!! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous but I think that is expected at this point. However, I'm feeling good overall - I'm still able to eat without much nausea and no mouth sours yet. I'm sure these things will come but I expected them this week as well - so it was another pretty good week for me. We have lots to be thankful for including all of you, much love, Amy


  1. we are so glad this week has gone by so "easily". you are doing so great, and we are all with you , to get you through the next 100 days. you will do well, great attitude is key. we love you, genie and eddie

  2. Amy,
    Well.....LAST radiation treatment this am!!! YEAH!! And the big day tomorrow!!! Before I get tied up tomorrow and can't post... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You continue you be in our prayers. Love, Kate, Keith, Maddi and Carson :)

  3. Amy, So glad to hear you are feeling pretty good! Thank you for your concern over Elizabeth, you girls are very strong with much love and support behind you. If only we could all have the mind of a 7 year old while going through this. She is invincable in her eyes, we all need a little of that! We are sending you support, love, prayers and hope that all goes well tomorrow and beyond! Have a good birthday and may all your wishes come true. Much love, Kathy, Chuck, Patricia, Elizabeth and Nicolas

  4. Last radiation treatment today... bone marrow transplant and birthday tomorrow!! What an eventful two days for you! I continue to be amazed by you and your great attitude. I am so proud of you! Luckily when I saw your mom two weekends ago she gave me a list of things that you can't do/have once you have your transplant and I was able to return the pigeon I got you for your birthday with no complications. I really was so excited about my perfect gift but I'll find another.... dang :) Have a wonderful day tomorrow and let me know if you need anything! I love you Amy!

  5. We are thinking of you and praying for you as you go into the transplant tomorrow we will be praying as the days pass after the transplant that everything goes well and that side effects are not so bad for you. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day early!!! You will not be able to check the blog cause of everything that will be going on with you tomorrow and we may not get to check on you til Sunday with graduation so just wanted to tell you that and that we love you!!!
    Karen, Tim and Hollee

  6. Hi Amy,
    Happy Birthday!! You are loved..... and prayed for constantly.

  7. Happy RE-Birthday Amy!! Hoping you and your "new" marrow have a good first day together. I am so proud of you!

    Thinking of you with love,

  8. Happy Birthday Amy! What a day it will be. We are so excited for you and Michael. We have faith that it will be a GOOD day!
    Love you

  9. Amy, The day is finally here for your transplant and new beginning to a long and healthy life. What a birthday gift you are getting. Our prayers are that your side effects won't be as hard on you as they say. You have been a real trooper so far and we are sure you will come through this just as well. Hang in there and have a "Happy Birthday". We love you, Patty and Tommy