Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good morning,

Friday night and part of Saturday, Amy was having severe mouth/throat pain, but the nurses have changed Amy's morphine pump to a morphine drip & pump. The morphine drip keeps a steadier level of morphine in Amy's system. Cold compresses (bags of ice) are also helping to alleviate her mouth/throat discomfort. Amy was able to sleep much better last night. With new side effects comes a "learning curve" as to what works best to diminish them.

Amy is no longer able to eat much of anything, even jello and ice cream hurt to swallow. They have put her on TPN - a milky looking liquid that feeds her nutrients through her IV . She's now using a dry erase board and a little bit of sign language to communicate with us. Back in March, the chemotherapy had affected Amy's eyes and she basically could not see for a week or more . She was trying to decide which was worse - not being able to see or not being able to talk. She decided that not being able to see was worse.

Again, thank you for all the cards, letters, prayers, phone calls, and gifts. The support and love shown to us helps sustain us and we are extremely grateful.



  1. Amy-

    Hang in there girl! The good stuff is just around the corner as we count the days to +100!
    The Lord is with you and will provide.

    Love in Him,

    David & Candy

  2. Hello to all-

    David got it right-God is holding you close and he will see you all through this-sounds like they are coming up with ways to help get you to day 20 and beyond-I wish I could be there-I can say that this will pass-when I felt the very worst I kept reminding myself that the treatment was going to get me where I wanted to be-

    Trials to triump!!!!

    Lots of lo0ve-


  3. Thinking of you, Amy. It will get better. Stay strong.

    Jackie Cheatham

  4. I know at times it must be very hard, but I know you will come thru it all with grace. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Hang in there, you know you are the hands of the best!!

    Love you,
    Debbie Wright

  5. We continue to pray for you and think of you every day when we check this blog.

    Keep smiling, beautiful!
    Amanda & Michael

  6. Even though you can't talk Amy, make a note that you are saving your 5000 words a day for when you can talk Tell Michael to be ready. Derek left for the beach Saturday and will return on Saturday. I'm sure he will have fun but I will be glad when he is back home. We think you are doing so well with the side effects that you are having. Remember we are all praying for you to stay on path for your body to accept the transplant.
    Stay strong!!
    The Orndorff's

  7. So the really rough stuff has arrived. I'll tell you what I can still hear my Mom say, "Remember sweetie, this too, shall pass." Her words always encouraged me to stay strong during the tough times 'cause they don't last. Faith does. Love does.
    We love you and we're praying!
    Dale, Brenda and family

  8. Kathy and Greg,
    Blogging is such a public space. I guess your lives have become an open book.
    As a mother, my heart ached to hear this report. I ache for Amy but your lives are too painful to even breathe through.
    Parents having to watch their child suffer is unbearable. I am so glad you have each other.
    All I can do is fast forward to a sunny day when the family is laughing and strolling through the woods with dogs at your heals. This pain will be behind you. God Bless you till you get there.

  9. Amy Lucy, Just wanted to take a moment and let you know that, as always, you are on my thoughts and even just now, in my prayers. There are times when I am spending time in prayer for you and the Lord annoints me with his presence and I am moved in such a special way. He calms me and lets me know He is in control. And for that I am so grateful. I know that with your throat so sore and your energy exhausted, you dont feel very good. But as I look at the whole picture, even though there have been many difficult days, you have been nothing less than amazing, and you have really done as good as we could have hoped. And that is nothing less than the beauty of prayer being answered. God has really blessed you and many more people than you will ever know, and I praise Him and Love Him for being so good to us. All My Love. CHRIS

  10. Hi Amy,
    Amen to what Brenda wrote..."This too shall pass" Well on the no talking....Keith always says that I am the "rest of the story" so I am sure that he would say that my tongue would beat me to death if I couldn't talk :) Yeah..he isn't too cute sometimes HA HA HA just kidding. Anyway, we pray that this bump in your road to full recovery goes away quickly. We love you and keep you close!! Love and Prayers, Keith, Kate, Maddi and Carson

  11. Hi Amy, Michael,Kathy and Greg,

    Just a note to say prayers are coming your way! I'm officially on summer break. Hanna and James Michael are at Camp Accovac to be CITs, Andrew and Becca spent the night at Caroline and Ronnie's, Duane is in SC for a couple days, so I had the house to myself last night. Very quiet and quite strange.

    I'm so amazed at your strength, Amy. Hang in there through this tough part. Know that you continually have people praying for you and God answers prayer!

  12. Amy, We are sorry to hear of the mucositis, Elizabeth told me to tell you she knows how you feel and she hopes you feel better soon! She is still down at UVA finishing up her 6th treatment with her daddy. She is trying to talk him into bringing her home tonight at 10pm when she is unhooked, she hates to wait until in the morning! She has her softball banquet on Thursday and gets her trophey, she can hardly wait. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers, oh....Elizabeth also wanted me to tell you that now you both will have the same blood type! She is also A+. Her Aunt Sheryl also has A+ and we call her squirrel, so Elizabeth always says she is getting squirrel blood when she gets her transfusions. So, I guess now you also will have squirrel blood! Take care, know we love ya and we cannot wait to meet you one day. Lots of love and healing prayers, Love, Kathy and Elizabeth

  13. Amy,
    If you are where I was at this point....none of these posts are even registering. But when you feel better and the morphine is gone you will come back and read about how much people care about you. Just know that the collective well wishes have a power all their own. So, here is my portion to add to all the others.
    Everyone teased me about the fact that they finally could have the final word in a conversation with me. Good thing I knew a few words of sign language!!! And my squirt gun was an excellent punctuation tool. Hope you got the package I sent. Stay strong.

  14. Amy, Jerry and I have been keeping up with you through the Blog and touching base with Genie....You are amazing and we want you to know that you and your family are strongly in our prayers and thoughts....take care and don't you ever forget that all these people on your Blog and in the community are supporting you with their prayers....Prayer is so powerful and I think I can speak for every supporter...WE LOVE YOU !!...:)